1. KingKong77

    FX Magician for OBS Studio

    KingKong77 submitted a new resource: FX Magician for OBS - Astounding Effects in OBS with no install, just click & go Read more about this resource...
  2. N

    Blur aero effects in the browser of OBS

    I am going to use the browser in OBS to display the overlay graphics like this: The graphics have a "glass" effect. This means (1) the graphics have transparent and (2) the area in the below layer is BLURRY. (1) could be solved by using the browser in OBS. But I have difficulty to do (2)...
  3. M

    Source Record Plugin Doesn't Show Up in Effects List

    This is fairly self-explanatory I think. I installed Source Record -- I tried it both ways, manually dragging in the folders and using the EXE installer -- but in neither case did the thing ever show up in the effects list when I went to try to add it to a source. It just gives me all the...
  4. 700hours

    Free Chat-tacular

    Chat-tacular A Twitch chat viewer tool A long time ago in the space of the last decade there was an OBS Classic plugin that captured Twitch chat which seemed simple and unique. Since then that plugin was lost in the transitioning of files from place to place. After some thought and observation...
  5. Paulo Soares

    OBS Lua Custom Shaders 0.9

    Custom Shaders is a LUA script for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) that can be used to apply OBS effects to any image source. An OBS effect (or shader) is defined in a file with a nearly identical syntax to Direct3D 11 HLSL effect files. This script was inspired by the filter-custom included in...