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OBS Lua Custom Shaders 0.9

Custom Shaders is a LUA script for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) that can be used to apply OBS effects to any image source. An OBS effect (or shader) is defined in a file with a nearly identical syntax to Direct3D 11 HLSL effect files.

This script was inspired by the filter-custom included in DarkLink's Script Pack and builds upon the features provided by the obs-shaderfilter and the OBS ShaderFilter Plus plugins.

New features
  1. No compilation and no installation of pre-compiled components are required
  2. Cross-platform by nature (although it has only be tested under Linux. I'll be glad to receive feedback from users of other OSes)
  3. Enlarged support of variable types
  4. Allows the use of vertex or pixel shaders
  5. Full support of image files (textures)
Example shaders can be found in the GitHub repository.
Paulo Soares
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