Free Chat-tacular

Notes from this update:
  • Plugin support is deprecated as of recent updates to APIs and the like.
  • Twitch chat emote support is also deprecated.
  • Badges duplication is fixed.
This update is being pushed to take care of basic chat functionality.

Small update, but there was a noticeable problem with the program message moderating among a few other problems. If the verbs file was empty, it would detect empty space in each chat message as a detection. The verbs are still loaded pre-app-startup, so nothing major needs to be revised client-side.

Re-versioning has also been done to be more accurate with build numbers, revisions, and releases.


Setting such as window size, font choice, background color, and a few other settings now persist across instances. The login settings will persist as well. These can be cleared when closing the program by choosing "Yes" to the logout prompt.

There were two common errors that would show up and throw a message dialog -- the "Invocation" and a Twitch API one have been fixed.

Fixed: sometimes the program would hang on close.

This marks the end of a series of troubleshooting steps, thanks to the community and some other efforts.

One minor change is that the maximum dimensions for the chat window have been removed: from 1280x1024 to basically anything else.


This update brings a fix to the universal client Twitch API error. The function now updates the program credentials in the instance of them expiring. These are not the same as the IRC user credentials.

The max window height for the chat was increased from 720 pixels to 1024 pixels.

Included in this release is a quotes plugin prefab. The script file and compiled .dlls are not loaded automatically. This is just a direct example of the use of the Twitch IRC library, and how loading plugins works.

Hello forums,

Since last release there were a few extra changes to make. It was apparent that a compile script would be useful for those not using an IDE that would compile .DLL scripts already. The extra readme information is there for clarity. Also it was apparent that custom data was not placed in the username directories so changing this takes the data from global user status to unique in case more than one account was used. Another addition being considered is adding the backgrounds used for the media images in previous uploads, but they have not been included yet.

Hello again,

A patch is being released thanks to an error being reported.

When decoding some of the Twitch API data the method required an extra optout check. Now errors message boxes that would have caused problems with logging in now revert to the login window when prompted. Another adjustment to program events fix a common error.

What happens when login values cause an error

Hello again,

This update brings optimizations to the chat panel resizing. Also, a fix for the panel image becoming glitched was made. In other words, resizing the window should be work as intended.

For those who are interested in plugins, a counter method has been added to Counters in the Util namespace. This will light an event once the timer elapses. Timers do not reset and only elapse once per usage.

Graphics as well, though basic, have been included as small notices that appear in the place where badges would be shown--performing a similar role.

The broadcaster icon here shown

user distinction.png

Hello, another update,

There was a mistake in versioning that is being corrected. Instead of 1.* beta, it has been rolled back to 0.4b. 1.0 is likely when all functions will be ready.

In the realm of custom emotes, these come in the flavor of client-side word replacements. Place images that are titled as the word meant to be replaced in /username/emotes for emotes, then similarly for usernames. Specifically the username images will retain aspect ratio, and the emotes used should be 1:1 and 28x28.

Plugin support for those who are familiar with C# enables event-handling for chat join, messages, commands received, the IRC ping, and then a general event that encapsulates everything. There is a .cs file in the script directory. It is currently able to handle some, but not all, username tags--though this can be customized with the all event.

Custom usernames and emotes
emotes and usernames.png

Hello again,

This is an update to bring a few improvements, and rendering an archived function usable.

First off the performance update is to limit the amount of stored chat messages there are in the message element whereas before, it would scale theoretically endlessly.

When a moderator or the broadcaster clears the chat room, it should likewise clear it here as well.

Then plugin support is provided through the helper, function, and utilities DLL that runs chat event handling. A more descriptive explanation is in the Readme file. It explains the list of available events and where to place the necessary files.

Emotes are now centered
emotes work.png

And yes, the label mix-up was fixed.


In this release I bring to you the beta version of this software. They have been several additions among fixing other things as stated in the OP. This has opened up a couple possibilities for future improvements.

The minor changes are as follows:
  • Global emote support though the positioning of the emotes in the chat viewer could be improved.
  • There is an optional visual change that represents a chat back panel.
  • For easy access to an OAuth 2.0 key, users can click the "Verify" button on the login container to grant access to read and writing to chat--the process requires general Twitch application verification, so nothing out of the standard Token generation.
One fix is repositioning of the background image and media when, being blurred, do not fade into the background color on the edges unless at extreme resolutions.

The future for this looks something like adding a chat-clear function, removing chat messages that have ceased to appear on the screen, and including support for a reticent plugin function.

And yes, the Foreground and Background labels are swapped, and will be fixed pronto. It was an oversight that was not caught in time for this release. Most of the apparent bugs have been addressed though.

Some media
Minor settings change and emotes
new settings.png

Back panel revision
window pane.png