OBS just starting to have frame drops


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I have used OBS for nearly a year now with no issues at all. The odd frames dips here and there but nothing major.
As of recently however I've had massive frame dips lasts upto 3 minutes sometimes. My live status goes red and the upload speed tanks
it will rectify itself but this has become a constant and frustrating issue as I have no idea as to the cause.

Other people in my household stream as well with OBS and have no issues at all. Another minor issue I think relates is the live status
indicator will sometimes flash between yellow and green for a while, this won't cause frame drops but this issues started at the same time
as the frame drops. I have a feeling the latest update has something to with it, as the issues only began after I updated to the latest OBS version.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I have attached a log file from my stream today where the problem was consistent.


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