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    Question / Help Encoding Overload

    Every time I try to record the game I am playing I keep getting encoding overload issues. I'm very new to using OBS and have tried looking everywhere for info on how to fix it but nothing seems to fix it. When I recorded using shadowplay in the past I never had any issues. That leads me to...
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    Question / Help OBS makes game looking choppy but FPS is fine

    Hey, so recently i have been having this issue with obs (version 23.1.0). Whenever obs is open (doesn't even have to be recording) my game feels incredibly choppy however I still get high fps(I use game capture). I also use Nvenc new encoding. The problem only occurs when obs is open. And the...
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    Question / Help OBS Laggy/Choppy vs ReLive

    So for the past 48 hours I've been trying to get my stream running but have failed miserably. I get a ton of lag on my stream when I try to view it on my phone (others as well) but everything in game is fine. My upload speed is 11.65 mpbs and I've tried just about every OBS setting I could find...
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    Question / Help Laggy stream

    Hello, my name is Dreaxter. and i have a mid range pc.. good enough to stream certain games i play such as Dead by Daylight and Rocket League. But when i start streaming it gets laggy when i am playing the game... the i got my bitrate at 2500 kbs and my download and upload speed are stable at...
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    Question / Help OBS In-Game Lagg while streaming.

    Hello, I have a problem with my OBS which i've been trying to fix for the past year. I followed tutorials, tried different settings, Changed In-Game settings. The problem is that when i'am streaming, the stream looks just fine but my Game gets really laggy. My PC Specs are: GeForce GTX 1070...
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    Question / Help OBS lags with PUBG, but nothing else

    So in the 3 weeks, when i play Pubg it lags my obs making it impossible to stream the game. The strange thing is every other game is fine and iv never had this problem before with Pubg.. I have reinstalled obs to latest version 21.1.2. I have switched servers and nothing helps. I have installed...
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    Question / Help OBS Laggy Preview even when not recording.

    I've had this problem for a while, and I been looking for a fix everywhere, been going through the OBS logs myself to see if I can figure out what's going on. I recently got a new monitor, and decided to use my old one along with the new one. My old monitor is a 1600x900 60Hz monitor whereas my...
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    Question / Help When i start obs i drop from 130 fps to 100....

    Hello i have a problem.. when i "START" obs my fps drops from 130fps to 100 fps. Why? I just start the software and dont stream or record something. It cant be that only from the start I lose 30 fps.. i hope you have a answer for that problem.. other guys i asked they said they have no fps...
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    Question / Help OBS Stream doesn't use full internet volume

    Hello everyone. So I have 10 mbp/s upload and a 40 mbp/s download, the problem is when I try to stream a game I only get 2500 bp/s maximum. If I stream the desktop (on twitch) I get 5000 max, but I don't understand why. I should get about 10000 bp/s if im correct. When I stream League of Legends...
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    Question / Help Low Frames Without Streaming.

    So I launch OBS and CSGO is open at the same time, and instantly my framerate drops from a stable 200 to 90. Why is this? If anyone could find a solution that'd be much appreciated. I've tried changing my OBS settings plenty and it doesn't seem to fix a thing.
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    Question / Help LAG when streaming Fortnite

    Hey, I really want to start streaming on youtube. I bought a brand new GTX 1060 6GB, games are running 144 fps on high settings w/out streaming.(stream on= low settings in-game for me) When I do start streaming, the game is lagging like crazy. I'm talkin 20-30 fps tops when I stream with cpu...
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    Bug Report OBS Video lagging for no reason! [NEED URGENT HELP]

    So around like 2 months ago, I could record in 1920x1080 60 FPS without any problem, I went to a vacation and when I returned home I opened up my OBS and it said there was a newer version available, I downloaded the latest version and I started recording some games (Roblox, Fortnite etc.) While...
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    Question / Help Obs Studio nimmt 30% meiner GPU(1080 ti)! Trotz gutem Pc laggt der stream(geht garnicht zu streamen)

    Liebe Community! Ich habe seit neuem das Problem, dass wenn ich nur OBS öffne(ohne streamen/aufnehmen) eine extrem hohe Auslastung von der GPU habe(immer bei ca 30%[siehe Bild 1]). Meine PC Teile: CPU: Intel i7 8700k Mainboard: MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon GPU: 1 Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 TI...
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    Question / Help Need help having issues with lag in my stream and dropping frames

    hey i have been using obs for more then a years or so and today my live stream on twitch was going crazy up and down so can someone help me https://gist.github.com/8f59f62533742634becbdf7f87e1d834
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    Question / Help OBS Laggy! [HELP]

    When I record my game seems fine and doesn't lag, neither does the recording screen. However when I look through the recording it stutters and is laggy. I really need help with this issue ASAP. Recording: Simple: Recording Quality: High Quality / Medium File Size Recording...