call of duty

  1. L

    Ingame lag MW2, high CPU & Ram usage.

    Hi! Whenever i stream, my fps on cod floats around 40-50 fps, causing a lot of lag spikes and just basic lag ingame. OBS is running just fine. But i've tried the lowest setting ingame, it doesn't matter if i use the lowest setting, or the ultra setting. Still the same. I tried turning on...
  2. P

    Warzone Streaming settings

    Hi all, I hope your well am new to streaming, and want to start streaming my warzone gameplay when i do my videos go blurry/pixalated i want to know the best settings for 1080p 60fps or 1080p 30fps for fast pased games i see streamers with no problem so wondering what my problem is I have...
  3. R

    COD Warzone Stuttering

    Hello everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to find a fix for this. I hope you guys can help me: Whenever I set Warzone to game capture or display capture, the preview screen gets choppy, the recording comes out choppy and I don't even want to try going live. There is constant stuttering...
  4. T

    MacBook / Avermedia / Xbox Help

    I’m helping my friend set up her stream to stream Call of Duty. I haven’t streamed on a Mac in over 5 years so I’m having a hard time figuring out a few problems. using the external Avermedia live capture and everything is connecting properly, even audio but the game in OBS and ReCentral are so...
  5. S

    Best YouTube settings for my rig..

    Hey there! In February, I got a better custom gaming PC (mainly for better gaming but also for STREAMING) and have been trying to get the OBS settings right for YouTube (and somewhat Twitch) but have had zero success every time I try and test stream. The output on YouTube ends up being blurry...
  6. InfuriatedFrpgOG

    OBS recording very bizarre.

    So I am just a beginner and I started using OBS to record some gameplay and the output was quite weird. I don't know how to describe it. I have a google drive link where i have put a small portion of that recording. Log File- Google Drive-...
  7. B

    Question / Help Good enough PC. Still laggy stream. Please help.

    Hey, everyone. I really want to start to stream some Call of Duty Warzone. My PC can handle the game on high settings perfectly fine. But when I start streaming the game still runs fine but it's all laggy on Twitch, even when I lower the game settings it's still all jumpy on Twitch...
  8. K9PT

    Question / Help OBS crashing Warzone

    I play Call of Duty Warzone fine, but streaming is a nightmare, Obs crash my system or the game!...Try to time, to times crash. Ryzen 7 3700x 16GB 3200Mhz GTX 1500Ti Note; I streame World of Tanks,BF5,World of Warships,WarThunder,Armored Warfare all fine! Please Help.
  9. adirayarida

    Bug Report COD Error

    My game crashes everytime i open Streamlabs OBS so i need you help to fix it. Thank you here's a picture
  10. R

    Question / Help Encoding Error while streaming new CoD

    Hi, I saw a topic with same title but it's in spanish so... While streaming new Call of Duty I had 'an encoder error' it happens mostly when new match starts or ends but it doens't happen every time. Here's log: I would be greatful if you could also...