1. ShermanZero

    Question / Help [SOLVED] Enabling webcam makes the game choppy even if not streaming/recording

    Hey all, So over the past week, I've noticed a problem I've started having whenever I try and play a game. When I enable my webcam, my game performance suffers greatly. The frames supposedly stay at around 300, but its refresh rate feels like 60. I have a pretty beefy computer, and don't see...
  2. G

    Question / Help Game had to be at 60 fps

    So I found a temporary solution to my problem for obs was that if I put my game to 60 fps and my obs to 60 the stream will have no lag. But my question is can I not cap my game at 60 fps cause I have a 144 hz monitor and want to play at 144 fps.
  3. Dark_Shadow8u

    Question / Help OBS Studio Making Games Unplayable Suddenly.

    I've been streaming with OBS for a long time now, but suddenly two days ago onward, anytime OBS is simply OPEN, My games become unplayable, even low usage games like Clone Hero. I hadn't changed anything or downloaded/deleted anything. So far I've tried lowering graphic settings in-game...
  4. PartyNator

    Question / Help Cant hear in game audio

    When I stream I can hear my mic and when I play a video I can hear the video as well on the stream but when I play Realm Royale for some reason the game cant be heard in the stream but only my mic. I dont know whats the problem or how to fix it.
  5. P

    Question / Help Is there a way for Obs to record only game audio?

    Hello, I'm playing League of Legends on Twitch then record and edit it out later for Youtube. The problem is that if there's a copyright music in the background, Twitch will mute my gameplay and Youtube will strike me. Of course I would like to listen to music while playing League of Legends but...
  6. A

    Question / Help Black Screen when i try to stream games

    Hey guys i have this Problem when i try to stream games OBS doesnt Show them ITS simply blackscreen. this is my log. and it doesnt matter if game is windowed or Fullscreen it always happens any other Infos needed ? i dont know if i did sth wrong i can check...