Question / Help Game audio out of sync with game screen, mic, and webcam


I'm a noob to OBS, but I've had this issue with 2 different games now, and it's super frustrating. Note that it has just happened with these 2 games, and I've recorded a lot of material.
Just recording, not streaming, I'm capturing the game, and I'm capturing my face and voice separately. It starts out well synchronized, but somewhere it starts going bad. And by the end, every sound on the game is way behind what's happening on the screen. My face and voice are corresponding with everything happening on the game screen, but the game sound is waaay off.
And this is impossible to fix too, so my recording is totally broken. (if you do have any tips on how to fix it, I would like that as well)

I'm so frustrated, I'm about to give up on game recording even though I love doing it.

Please help!



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This sounds like the issue I've been experiencing ever since getting this brand-new laptop. My video game and webcam recordings are in-sync, visually, and all audio starts off fine, but when the recording goes for an hour or more, there is a weird glitchy/stuttering sound in my audio and mic audio start getting further and further out of sync with my video. I also have not found a solution, if indeed we are having the same problems.