audio issue desync

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    You could let us decide the sample rate OBS will work with (

    I work with 44k sample rate. Although OBS records at any given sample rate, it works only in higher sample rates instead. It makes my ASIO driver bug and lose sync, every time I start up OBS. Sometimes, In some magical days, by a kind of luck it don't happens, or it syncs alone so many minutes...
  2. AskMP

    Audio delay of ~750ms on NDI both NDI and SDI output

    So, I'm seeing a significant delay on the output of both NDI and SDI for multiple installations... Windows 10 (Ryzen 9 3900X w/RTZ 2070 super and 64gb memory) OBS 27.2.4 Decklink Duo 2 NDI 5 (Latest installed on all machines) Essentially, I'm needing to add a 750ms delay to the video on both...
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    Question / Help Game audio out of sync with game screen, mic, and webcam

    Hi! I'm a noob to OBS, but I've had this issue with 2 different games now, and it's super frustrating. Note that it has just happened with these 2 games, and I've recorded a lot of material. Just recording, not streaming, I'm capturing the game, and I'm capturing my face and voice separately...
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    Bug Report Long Stream causes Progressive audio desync

    Hello, I uses OBS to Stream in Twitch. Normaly in 1 hour streams the audio is ok, but in long streams, 1:30hs, 2hs the audio starts to desync and this problem is progressive. In a 3hs stream the desync can be 10 seconds. Some help ?