1. A

    Microphone noise when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings

    Hello, I sync my audio to my camera, but now I have the big problem that I have bad noise in my audio when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings. I type in 150 ms. When I set it to 0 there is no noise there. What can I do to fix that problem? How should I sync now my camera with...
  2. B

    Help with desktop audio out of sync for recording.

    Hello obs folks, I recently recorded a long 2 hour video from my desktop and noticed that the audio was getting more and more delayed over time. I did some searching on google and most people are having this issue with capture cards and mics but not desktop audio. My audio sample rate is set...
  3. A

    Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder variable Audio/Video Sync Issue

    We use a black magic decklink mini recorder to capture the audio and video from our Canon xa35. We use this source in conjunction with others to mix for our live stream and are recordings which we upload to our various accounts later. For the past several months we have had an issue where...
  4. D

    Impossible to sync audio and video due to audio plugins causing targets to randomly move

    I've been trying and failing to sync all my audio (specifically outputs) and video for the past few days. I understand that it's impossible to sync everything 100% (as I'm not using something like Jack Audio that would actually sync the clocks of all these devices), but I'm not even able to keep...
  5. M

    Audio and Video not synchronized

    I'm recording video from a USB webcam and audio from a separate USB microphone and when I play back the video they are out of sync a little bit. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  6. Akkiirah

    Syncing overlay color to ascent color in-game

    Hello, just a small question because I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this anywhere. I‘m searching for some plug-in or something else that shifts the hue of my overlay to the color of my game. For example, when walking in a grassy area, the overlay should be greenish. When beeing on the...
  7. R

    How to sync audio and video from two different sources

    I provide interpreting services. What this means in practice is that I usually have the following setup: video comes in via ndi and I pick it up in OBS Studio audio comes in via a third party application which automatically plays the source volume at 100% if there is no interpretation. If...
  8. Y

    A/V sync issue between two computers

    Hello cool guys, Before I mention about the issue, I'd like to introduce my current setup cause it's a bit complicated. So, I use two computers: MacBook Pro and Windows PC. On MBP, I play audio using Pro Tools. On PC, I play video and received audio at the same time, on a loop. (The audio...
  9. Kazzookay

    Audio & Video Sync

    Hey! I'm using OBS Studio since many years, and yesterday I installed OBS Studio v26.1.0. But I have a several syncronization problem with my audio capture. When I'm stopping the recorder and watch the output file, this one have recorded the sound of many seconds before. - Paul. NOTE >...
  10. T

    OBS Intermittent Audio Sync Issues

    Hi, we are running a live video feed from an ATEM TV Studio PRO HD into a Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2 and into OBS. Audio is embedded in the capture card. We're sending into OBS at 1080p29.97 and receiving the same in OBS. We're then sending to restream at 720p, as per restream's settings...
  11. K

    Audio/video sync

    Hello i have a problem with audio and video sync in OBS. I set delay right before the stream but during the stream the audio and video slowly go out of sync. Can anyone help me with this?
  12. V

    Can't Hear Microphone Audio in Recording Videos

    Hi there so i recorded a video the other day for someone's bday video and it let me record audio and video but when i messed with some settings today it completely messed up my OBS, i can see my audio from my microphone appear in the OBS Mixer and it picks up my voice but when i try and record a...
  13. aquarat

    Syncing Multiple H.264 Streams Automatically

    Hi I've been using a SlingStudio system, which apears to be a locked-down Linux box with a bunch of ARM-based HDMI->H.264 video encoders which attach to cameras. The system works well but it's very restrictive. I've been trying to replicate the SlingStudio system using OBS. The video sources...
  14. M

    Browser Source audio and video not synced

    Hello, I'm helping run a tournament that is rebroadcasting 8 Twitch streams through OBS and letting OBS control the audio as well. The broadcast PC is getting roughly ~250ms of audio delay on each browser source, but not having any other issues. However, when I load 8 browser sources on my own...
  15. A

    Audio desync part way through stream

    Hey all you tech wizards! So recently when I stream I have been getting this weird issue that of Audio not syncing up 5 - 20 minutes in a stream. At first the stream will be fine and all the sudden it will not line up just out of the blue. The problem is super frustrating as you can imagine, the...
  16. T

    Audio in and out of sync

    Trying to include all relevant info including log file. Audio drifted in and out of sync over an hour 15 minutes or so. Log file attached. Went live at 10:14AM. Audio path Audio comes out of the board into a Scarlet then mixed through Logic Pro on one of the imacs for the stream. He then sends...
  17. G

    Audio out of synchronization after scene editing

    Hello everyone, For my setup I use an ndi camera and the line in input of the pc for the sound. I have set the sync offset so that the video and sound are synced. However, every time the PC is restarted the sync offset is getting bigger. I was able to fix this by Check / Uncheck the box for...
  18. T

    Audio out of sync at random

    I've recently begun having issues I never had before with audio going way out of sync, up to almost a full second. This seems to occur at random, because I have tried applying an offset to correct it, but what usually ends up happening is a future instance of OBS then has out-of-sync audio...
  19. B

    Question / Help Multicam Audio Offset

    I’m new to OBS. I have a video feed going from the HDMI out of the camera into my MacBook. The audio is coming in to the MacBook on a USB port from a sound mixer. I adjusted the delay for the audio. Very simple. Works great. The problem comes when I would like to have a second camera (the only...
  20. M

    Question / Help iOs OBS camera with OBS doesn't sync with audio interface

    I started streaming since a few weeks back. I saw the option to use your Iphone as a camera in your livestream. So i did some tests but it was not satisfying. I am using an usb audio interface (behringer xr18) for my audio input for the livestream. But is the audio is not in sync with the camera...