A/V sync issue between two computers


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Hello cool guys,

Before I mention about the issue, I'd like to introduce my current setup cause it's a bit complicated.
So, I use two computers: MacBook Pro and Windows PC.
On MBP, I play audio using Pro Tools.
On PC, I play video and received audio at the same time, on a loop.
(The audio tracks are transmitted via Dante interface)

The video and audio tracks have EXACTLY same lentgh.
I have checked video length using ffprobe, and set PT play section to the same, as below.
스크린샷 2021-01-25 오후 3.24.53.png
스크린샷 2021-01-25 오후 2.23.09.png

I thought everything will be fine.. except it wasn't.
For the first few times, it seems they're in sync, but it gradually goes out of sync as it repeats.
I'm trying to find out the cause, but it's not easy.

Now I'm considering using timecode, if possible.
If anyone has ever had similar issue, please help me.
Thanks in advance!