Roland vr 50hd multi camera


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For the first time i will next week use a roland vr50hd for streaming and i got some questions on how to connect everything to get my setup going.

- 2 dslr cameras
- Thinkpad t490 - obs run here
- macbook pro for teams call
- 2 shure wireless microphones
- elgato stream deck
- speaker in studio

Two people will be in the studio with me, they will have one camera each pointed at them. One person will be joining us remit from microsoft teams. The stream will have a static background and should always show all three video sources, however the position will change as the person speaking will be at top.

I would like the people in the studio to hear everything that goes into the stream, themselves and the person in teams. They should also be able to see what’s going out on a screen. The person in the teams call should hear the two microphones from the studio and also see what’s going out on the stream.

- How do i set this up the smoothest way?

For the video sources
- Option 1: Can my obs receive each source one by one and then i create scenes that i switch between?

- Option 2: Is it possible to pre set three scenes in the vr-50 where the three outputs is placed in different positions and send one source to obs?

I will stream to instagram therefore the resolution will be 1080x1920.