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    Roland vr 50hd multi camera

    Hi! For the first time i will next week use a roland vr50hd for streaming and i got some questions on how to connect everything to get my setup going. Gear - 2 dslr cameras - Thinkpad t490 - obs run here - macbook pro for teams call - 2 shure wireless microphones - elgato stream deck - speaker...
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    Hi all, Is it possible to do a multi cam live on Insta stories using a BM web presenter and are there pitfalls to be aware of? Thanks, RQ
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    Question / Help Group Stream - Streaming Multiple PC's and Webcams Concurrently

    Hi everyone! We are a group of PC gamers launching a new gaming channel, we play different games together like Destiny 2, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and many other games. We would like to stream our gameplay & webcams at the same time with few other things. Stream setup: 6x high-end PC...
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    Running a USB webcam into an HDMI port via adapters?

    Hello Im trying to run two external webcams into my laptop that only has one USB port. Even with the use of high powered USB 3.0 HUB I cannot get OBS to show video data from both cameras at the same time. Ive messed around with all my computers USB/power/performance settings with no change. It...
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    Question / Help OBS Crash | /W Elgato Game Capture / Camlink

    Hello! Been trying to figure out this bloody problem Crash Report > Equipment used: - 3x Logitec c920? - 1x Camlink < 1080pi Camcorder Specs: - i5 - GTX 1060 - 8gb Ram < Upgrading soon - SSD's.. - Windows 10 Use case: Basically, I have a 50 meter CAT6 Cable...