Question / Help Group Stream - Streaming Multiple PC's and Webcams Concurrently


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Hi everyone!

We are a group of PC gamers launching a new gaming channel, we play different games together like Destiny 2, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and many other games. We would like to stream our gameplay & webcams at the same time with few other things.

Stream setup:
  • 6x high-end PC gaming rigs
  • 6x Webcams (Logitech C920)
  • All of the above are located in the same physical location.
I have searched the web many times to find a solution for this to no avail. Most solutions out there are tackling issues related to streaming "one PC & webcam" to multiple "platforms" (i.e. Twitch, Youtube, Mixer). This is very different from what we seek. What we are hoping to accomplish here is to stream our individual gameplays & webcams using "one" streaming platform and obviously "one" streaming channel.

  • Is this setup possible by any chance? If so, what are our options here (please recommend the most optimal/cost-effective option among others).
  • If possible, can we toggle/switch between monitors & webcams using "Scenes & Sources" within OBS Studio?
  • If possible, since there will be a huge load and bandwidth usage as we can imagine, is it better to have an extra "dedicated" PC for streaming/broadcasting (i.e. converge our individual streams into one), or this can be achieved using one of our 6 existing PC's?
  • If possible, between the two, which streaming platform will be better for this setup, Twitch or Mixer?
  • Do we need to buy additional hardware (e.g. Capture Cards, Routers, Switch, etc.) to make this happen?
  • Are we better off streaming using 6 different accounts? but then, is there a way to converge those streams into one stream? We are aware that Twitch offers what is so called "Squad Stream", yet this is can only accommodate 4 accounts and is exclusive for Partners.
We really appreciate your help and assistance.

Thanks ^_^