Stopping several recordings/streamings remotely on several PCs


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I have a specific need. We are using OBS on 16 Windows PCs, to record and stream. I am using the following launch parameters:
--scene Scene1 --startstreaming --startrecording
which allows me to start OBS just as needed. I am using a proprietary software that allows me to launch a Shell script on several machines at once, everything works super well.

Now I would simply like to stop them, using a Shell script of some kind, that would cleanly stop the recordings and the streamings.

In the past, I always advocated against killing OBS (via task manager or any other kill command), since it would break the recordings timestamps and we would have to fix them before being able to use them. So we would simply log in manually into every computer to stop OBS normally. But I have a new employee that tried the kill action and he noticed that the recording was clean after killing OBS. Timestamps are working, everything seems fine in the recording file itself.

But the problem lies in OBS itself now.

I noticed that no matter how we kill it (task manager, TASKKILL /F /IM "obs64.exe"), OBS remains in a suspended state in the background processes of the Task manager, and keeps using the capture card. Then when I start OBS again, I get a black screen. When I open the capture card software (AverMedia RECentral), it tells me that the capture card is used by another software, and that I need to close any other programs that may use it. The only way to get rid of that Suspended OBS is to restart the computer.

So yeah. I need a clean way of shutting down OBS, remotely, ideally via a command line of some kind. I've been googling left and right, and most threads all end up with using an android application to end the recording/streaming remotely. But I can't use that on 16 different stations :( Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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(Remote) scripting and (remote) cli control is the domain of the websocket plugin: