This is a simple program for displaying notifications from OBS on your desktop.
  • Currently only Windows is supported.
  • Does not display notifications in the form of overlays (such applications are usually banned in game anti-cheats).
  • This program will be useful if you have multiple monitors, or if your game/application is not running in full-screen mode.


  • Supports obs-websocket 5.x (embedded in OBS 28+)
  • Plugin system
  • Separate settings for each plugin
  • Adjusting the position and offsets of notifications
  • Configurable notification display time
  • Highly customizable default plugin
  • Nvidia-like plugin out of the box
  • Ability to choose which types of notifications to display
  • Ability to quickly open saved files
  • Multi-language support


To install OBS Notifier for OBS 27.x and get working notifications about saving replays, read this article.


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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.0 Update

    Added localization support. Most languages currently use machine translation. Also I am not sure...
  2. 1.2.1 Update

    Added support for the ScreenshotSaved event. It will be activated automatically after the update...
  3. 1.2.0 Update

    Completely redesigned the way of processing AdditionalData. Added limits on the properties of...

Latest reviews

Works really well and easy to setup. I would LOVE if this also worked on Filter states. I use an audio monitor filter to mute my mic to my teammates, but the mic is not actually muted. I would love to have an on-screen notification while the filter is off.
I created an obs account just to rate this epic plugin. My PC is not able to run GeForce experience smoothly and moreover, I prefer the pro settings that obs has. So I download obs, however, GFE has one thing that obs doesn't, the notification. And this plugin really saved my ass. Thanks, this dev is a legend.
Interesting plugin, but its usefulness is debatable. If there is a delay in ending the stream, then it is useful to not wait for it to start or end, but with other functions, it is not as convenient. I really liked the feature presented in the description of opening the folder or file of the recorded video, but it does not work for me. When I click on the overlay, it just disappears instantly. (Win 11, OBS 29)