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Free Fully Remote Control Manager scene selector for Open Broadcaster (OBS) 1.0

This project allows Open Broadcaster (OBS) scene selection to be remotely controlled via a standard web browser. Now you can control the active scene in OBS from a phone, tablet, or other device anywhere in the world from any web browser on any network without having to open any ports on a firewall.

While there are lots of solutions already for OBS on the same network, what if the device to switch scenes is not on the same network as OBS, OBS is on a restrictive network such as a corporate environment or some public WiFi networks, or perhaps you want someone else to control the active scene remotely from another state or country? That's where this Remote Control Manager software comes in to enable remotely switching scenes in OBS from any web browser (and therefore from any device).

I rushed to develop this software at the end of the first year of the 2020 pandemic (three weeks before Christmas) to be able to switch between 8 separate webcams at Christmas all connected to one PC and OBS instance. I originally imagined that the other members of my family would use the web interface to switch the active scene themselves from clear across the country but I ended up just using it myself from my own phone. About a month ago, I ended up rewriting the websocket interface to support the new OBS websocket v5 protocol. I'm just now getting around to releasing this software. This tool opens up some interesting possibilities.

Note that this tool is limited to just scene list and selection, but the basic framework is there to expand it to support the entire OBS websocket interface.
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