1. Hukk4

    Live chat on screen

    Very simple. Looking for a plugin or tool to show live chat on stream, similar to what Streamlabs offers, but for a streaming site that is not supported by any of the apps yet. (Piczel!) I sometimes also stream from Picarto so some type of adaptibility would be great. Restream does not offer...
  2. Mauricio_Music

    Plugin for chat from multiple sources

    I have just set up the plugin to stream on multiple platforms at once (by now I stream to Twitch, Youtube and Facebook) but I found that I can have the chat of one platform only in the OBS studio mode. A few days ago I saw a guy playing guitar on Twitch and he got in his screen chat messages...
  3. T

    Chat in one line

    Hello. I need help from you. I try in OBS to set up a chat in one line. Make the chat move horizontally and not vertically. I find Desert Kharon, but it doesn't work. Some ideas? Thank you very much!
  4. EricE549

    youtube chat overlay

    how do i add a youtube chat overlay? i've tried visiting but it appears to be dead. thanks, eric
  5. T

    In OBS Live - YouTube chat monitoring not working

    Hey so I'm having a problem, I'm using OBS live and I want to monitor my chat in it, however when I go live the chat window starts flashing and does not display my chat feed. So I am forced to minimize obs on my second monitor and have my youtube studio open to monitor my chat. is there a fix...
  6. SporeAltair

    OBS stopped seeing chat

    OBS refuses to use YouTube chat. On YouTube, the chat works, but it is not available on OBS. There are no problems with broadcasts, everything works. This is a problem with the latest version. When I launched the program back in the spring, everything worked. I guess the update broke the chat.
  7. H

    OBS Chat Dark Mode doesnt Save

    Hello dear OBS People, I got this one Problem that the Chat in OBS doesn't save the settings to Dark Mode when i press interact on the Scene to put in Dark Mode. If i restart OBS or open it again after the next session it is in white mode again. The Scene was made from the Browser Source and...
  8. T

    Free Emote Word Cloud Overlay

    Chat Cloud - Get OBS Url Here: Dynamic word and emote cloud. Parts of the cloud grow and shrink according to trending words and emotes in the chat. By default, it takes at-least 2 appearances of the same word within 30 seconds to trigger an effect. Emotes show up...
  9. T

    Free Emote Combos Overlay

    Twitch Emote Combos Overlay Simple and quick to setup. Just click the link below, turn the app on, and paste the OBS link into a Browser source. - Get OBS Url Here: If chat manages to post the same emote multiple time in a row the combo counter goes up! How high...
  10. S

    Is there a way to split in game voice chat from the game audio?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to streaming and OBS. I've mainly been playing Valorant and Call of Duty Warzone. Is there a way I can exclude the in game voice/party chat from my stream using OBS while still including the game audio?
  11. C

    Como exibir comentários individuais das redes sociais nas lives com OBS

    Estou fazendo transmissões no YouTube com OBS Studio. Durante as transmissões, há algumas perguntas e comentários importantes no bate-papo. Existe alguma ferramenta, plugin ou algo que possa me ajudar a extrair um único comentário e exibir uma tela de forma personalizada? Já vi essa função em...
  12. Kopiás Csaba

    Free StreamFixer - Helps streaming video conferences 2020-05-24

    Hi folks! I did not really found any good, free & easy to use way to stream video conferences with the flexibility of having every participant's stream separately in OBS. Thats why i have developed this extension, and now I'm happy to share it with everyone with the hope that it will help many...
  13. B

    Question / Help Remove Voice Chat ipad

    Hello, Just started using OBS studio and I stream/record from my iPad. Everything works fine, the only thing I can’t solve is how to remove my team mates voice in chat. Here is a picture of the setup. Appreciate all help
  14. S

    Question / Help Link for restream chat not work properly...

    When i put my link for restream chat in obs the window that show up on my screen demand login and password. Before 30.03.2020 everything was fine and i see chat instead of this... Also if i put link in any other browser than obs it will work correctly. Sorry for bad english... Help me to fix...
  15. SMERKIN_5000

    Question / Help Send text to Twitch Chat Dock via API

    Is there a way to send text to the twitch chat dock through OBS studio using an API?
  16. A

    Bug Report Chat in white???

    Hello after the last update, it is no longer possible to change the chat in white mode. Where can I find this option now? Even changing the theme to white does not help. Not only me, but some other streamers prefer the chat in white. :( Please help
  17. S

    Stream Chat Integration Plugin

    I would like to have a plugin that lets me integrate stream chat in to OBS as a side source Widget. I'm not talking about chat overlays, I'm talking about an actual integrated chat window widget that can be added to OBS as a plugin like what StreamLabs OBS has. "Then why not just use SLOBS?"...
  18. StreamPanel

    Free StreamPanel App for every device

    StreamPanel App: Control your OBS and Twitch from one place (works wirelessly on most devices) Hey guys, I have a new web app that allows you to control and monitor your OBS and Twitch stream. To setup and get started, go down to the “Setup / Instructions” section of this post. Here is the...
  19. JettWilliams

    Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

    Streameta Controller Streameta is a controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams. Mobile phone control Tailored controls for singles, doubles and crew battles Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android Works in all major web browsers Connects to OBS through the websocket plugin...
  20. Q

    Question / Help Streamlabs Chatbox Browser Source disappeared (with logs)

    Hi, yesterday I was streaming for about 7 hours. After some time I noticed the Chatbox to be missing. The logs say at 02:24 (which seems to be the time the Chatbox went missing): 02:24:14.509: obs-browser: Failed to load...