Way to have YouTube chat add levels to an on-screen queue?

Hi there, huge noob here, trying to learn.

Basically, what would I need to do to allow my YouTube chat to type !AAA-AAA-AAA (level code), and then have said codes show up in OBS in order as a sort of "up next" queue. Also I wouldn't want/need anything fancy, just plain text of the level codes to show up.

I've found similar stuff (https://www.gabrielrf.dev/en/projects/smm2-queue-bot) but I couldn't get it working, I think it only works for Streamlabs OBS? Tried to get it working with Python 3.6 but it would just say "No Properites" when I put it in the Script box. Huge Python noob as well, but I think I pathed everything correctly, again why I think this code only works with Streamlabs OBS.

Thank you all.