mw2 crashing with new obs 29.0.2 loggs make no sense....


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here's the mind fuck of this all, the log file for obs seems ok I've analyzed it myself, ill link below. how ever when i check the mw2 crash log it list's 2 other programs as the issue. One was armory crate related and the other was antares central something, see for your self, HOW EVER, when i play the game with no obs screen record the game plays fine and dosent crash at all!!!!. But as soon as i use obs it will crash upon starting dmz. ive tried it 20+ freaking times. wtf is going on????? it was working fine before this brand new update of obs, below ive provided both crash logs for mw2 and obs. How is it it only reacts when obs is recording yet it doesn't report it when it crashes in its report??. I'm not a pro by any means i dont know how too read this things entirely, pleas anybody help id appreciate you 1000x times.


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