crash log

  1. Y

    OBS Crashing Immediately On Startup

    Hello i have not touched my pc since yesterday when i streamed everything was okay then i got back on today and obs would load in and immediately crash i don't even get enough time to export my scenes and settings here are the log files please help ;-;
  2. O

    OBS Crashes After a few seconds every time I open it

    Tried researching this and couldn't find anything that helped. Right before this started happening I was trying to fix my Elgato by uninstalling the drivers and restarting my computer. This issue has happened ever since. Have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling obs. GPU drivers are up to...
  3. R

    OBS Crashing on Startup and I need help

    This just started happening today it worked a few days ago, and as soon as obs launches it crashes, im not sure why so please help me.
  4. T

    After one experiment with the VSTPlugin in this file path "Program Files/VSTPlugins", i got this dialog window

    This window I got, when I launch obs after download VSTPlugin in this path Program Files/VSTPlugins The folder VSTPlugins in the Program Files I deleted and reinstalled obs. But after reinstalling I launch obs and I meet this problem again. I cant fix this problem, pls help!!!!
  5. moonsta

    OBS crashing when streaming

    Hello I have been having this issue for two days of stream in a row made me restart the stream 4-5 times suddenly when I'm streaming and decide to switch scene, skip song, or have any interaction on obs, if I click on obs it will freeze en crash and I will have to manually shut it down in the...
  6. U

    OBS Crash on Start up

    Hello, im having issues with OBS, everytime it opens up, it keeps crashing i've updated all my drivers uninstalled an reinstall the app deleted all my plugins and it still doesn't work here is the Crash Report
  7. UpDownLeftDie

    OBS crashing all the time from RTSP sources?

    I have a 24/7 stream with 4 IP cameras as media sources that use RTSP to stream to OBS. Sometimes their connection drops out, and I think this causes OBS to crash somehow. Sometimes it doesn't happen for days, sometimes it just keeps happening after I restart OBS. Around half the time, I don't...
  8. B

    OBS crashing and quitting stream

    I've been using OBS for a while now and loved the performance, up till today! It streams for a bit then takes me offline and crashes. Here's the last log file:
  9. M

    OBS keep crashing - Report attached

    Can someone please explain to me why my OBS keeps crashing roughly every 2 hours into my stream? I attached the report. Thanks in advance.
  10. Tiaeth

    OBS 29.0.2 hangs / crashes during streaming or on exit

    Hello, My OBS keeps hanging / crashing when I stream or when I want to quit it. I have already tried to find out myself what the problem is and tried all possible tips and tricks. Reinstalled Hardware acceleration deactivated in the Windows graphics settings Removed plugins (but only use the...
  11. T

    Would crash mid stream/take multiple tries to launch properly

    I've been having this reoccurring problem recently where I'd take multiple tries for me to launch OBS and it'd crash mid stream. I have no idea why. I can only assume its one of my extensions. I'm guessing either scene tree or Win Capture but I could be wrong.
  12. I

    OBS is Crashing on Startup

    I have tried everything and cant figure it out. I cant even pull my scenes and profiles in an export before doing a hard re-install. This is my fll-time job so I really need help. Please look at this crash log and help me figure out what to do. Yes my PC is up to date with windows and yes I...
  13. S

    Use of Capure card (Elgato 4k) makes OBS crash randomly

    Hi, I can stream hours on end, or just have OBS open without problems untill i use (make visible) the capture card source. The crashes appears randomly, can be directly, in 5 min, in 2 hours etc (streaming and offline) and it basically just closes up OBS. (See below crashfile) Things already...
  14. TheEnigmist

    OBS keep crashing at random times

    I notice this problems since Oct / Nov after updated to new OBS 28 while streaming Resident Evil 8. Before it I was using the same scenes and sources, I moved NVIDIA Broadcast (virtual greenscreen) to OBS built-in version. After that time OBS start be unresponsive, the stream stops and I need to...
  15. N

    mw2 crashing with new obs 29.0.2 loggs make no sense....

    here's the mind fuck of this all, the log file for obs seems ok I've analyzed it myself, ill link below. how ever when i check the mw2 crash log it list's 2 other programs as the issue. One was armory crate related and the other was antares central something, see for your self, HOW EVER, when i...
  16. jaga266

    OBS crash

    OBS crash Qt6widgets.dll
  17. V

    Crash Log

    Hi everyone, OBS has crashed twice now today in the span of an hour and i have no idea why ^^' can anyone help?
  18. A

    obs crashes during streaming and recording after last update

    i think the title is self-explanatory, sadly i can't really identify the problem due to a lack of general knowledge but i've attached the last 3 general logs and crash-logs. to make it short: obs behaves like usual, no interface problems and / or troubles during the set-up of the video/stream...
  19. M

    My OBS is Crashing (Crash Logs Attached)

    Hello, forgive me for the bad English, but I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it, in fact I need to find out the cause to know what to do and how to do it. But this Monday I went to do my livestream and when I opened OBS, the message "Woops, OBS Crashed!" appeared, I had to close...
  20. J

    OBS crashing when switching to imported scene collection

    I just reinstalled obs after resetting my pc and was successfully able to import my profile and scene collections but when I switch to the imported scene collection obs crashes. I'm not actively streaming or anything so I'm not sure what is causing the crash especially when all the files and...