crash log

  1. K

    OBS crashes on startup since most recent update

    I just installed an update and after that, OBS crashes on startup. I'm not sure what version I was on before, probably quite an old one since I don't use OBS super frequently so probably hadn't updated in a while. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, makes no difference- the reinstall seemed...
  2. JuaninBeats

    Crashing when closing OBS? New Windows

    Hi. I reinstalled from zero everything, including windows. Every time I'm closing OBS I'm getting this crash report: Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2022-05-08, 22:42:11 Fault address: 7FFB28EE38ED (c:\program files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs.dll) libobs version: 27.2.4 (64-bit) Windows...
  3. P

    OBS Keeps crashing mid stream and I dont know why

    Here are all my logs from yesterday alone idk if anyone can help me solve why this keeps happening.
  4. B

    Obs Crashing

    Been having issues with crashing for a long time but only just decided to do something about it, i put in the 2 most recent crash logs. I'm not really sure how to read these so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. N

    OBS Crashed several times at day and anothers no

    I have the following configuration: I9 9900k 48GB ram DDR4 GTX 3070 I am attaching the logs and crash files for yesterday after that I could stream for 4h without problem. Could someone help to understand the error here? Thanks in advice
  6. E

    OBS Studio Crash Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 200000018 ((null))

    i've justed alt tab and the obs crashed, when i tried to open again, does crashed again and again.
  7. bishoukun

    Sporradic Crashing During Streams

    Hello, OBS started crashing the other week during an attempt to stream Bioshock. At the time, I figured the program just couldn't handle MixItUp and Bioshock at once, and then decided it must have just been a problem with Bioshock itself when I tried running the stream without MIU. Previous...
  8. R

    OBS Crash during closing the program (and during start)

    As the title explained, yes the program just crashed after I hit the exit button. In addition, it also crashes during startup (running the program). Here are the log files related to the issues. Thank you for your time, please let me know what was the problem.
  9. E

    OBS Crashes on Start Recording

    I've found a lot of different threads for this problem, but I figured I'd get a better solution posting my crash log. I'm running a low-end hp laptop, so I'm trying to get it to record anything at all as the bare minimum.
  10. A

    No recording found after crash!

    Hello, So I was recording a meeting for work and then I noticed that there was a crash-message in OBS (I sadly can´t really recall what it said). After I accepted the message, I wanted to check how long it recorded... well, OBS didn´t save a recording, even though I was recording to .mkv! Also...
  11. T

    OBS Crashing Occasionally - Confused :(

    Once in a while when I launch OBS and attempt to switch scenes I am met with a crash. My scenes are not graphics intensive at all. The most complex thing I have is a simple audio visualizer plugin. I really have very little idea what I could do to fix this, so any help would be greatly...
  12. D

    OBS Closing (crashing) With No Log Within Crash Log

    My OBS keeps (randomly) crashing with no error shown at all whatsoever. It just blatantly closes. Literally happened as I was typing this. I tried to ask within the OBS Discord but they just wanted a crash report from two days ago that isn't about this issue as it has happened at least 10 times...
  13. H

    Crash upon adding "Video Capture Device".

    Upon adding a Video Capture Device source to my scene instantly crashes OBS Studio. Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 7FFD2A91A9A9 (c:\windows\system32\apphelp.dll) Operating System: Windows 11 Home (21H2) Build 22000.348
  14. B

    Cannot open program. Crash on opening

    Hi, First time user of OBS but I cannot open the program after installing. It immediately crashes every time. Please help. Attached the crash log.
  15. H

    Crash Report

    This is the crash report from the "Whoops" error message, I get this at least once a day without fail can you please help me fix it, or is it a known issue and an update is being released to fix it, would it be beneficial to download/install an older update or maybe try the beta, please advice...
  16. S

    OBS Studio Immediately crashing on startup every time

    Running latest version of OBS Studio available from website on my laptop, immediately crashes when trying to launch. Deleted potentially conflicting programs and DDU'd graphics drivers/programs with no luck. Nvidia GPU is also set as the default graphics processor in control panel. Attaching...
  17. L

    Obs Crashing

    Hello, could any one help me to identify why Obs keeps Crashing. Crash Log
  18. Brito147

    Obs crashing after a couple of minutes of usage without streaming (with crash log)

    Hi, I have been having crashes since a couple of days now. I am preparing a livestream that is being transmitted from another country and will go to me to have a playlist of videos before starting, to have intro, gfx, lower thirds and outro. This crash is happening even when i am not streaming...
  19. S

    OBS crashing mid stream: new issue Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 7FFAEE35620F (c:\program files\obs-stu

    Hi, I've been an avid windows obs streamer for a couple of years now, this is the first time I've had a crash mid stream. I tried making sense of the crash reports but I was unable to. If anyone could take a look at this crash report and log file to let me kow where the error is, would...
  20. S

    OBS Crash

    My OBS crashed close to the end of a 2 hour stream. Here is the crash report: It looks like to me that something in OBS is affecting a dll file in windows to crash. But I don't know enough to be able to read this report properly. Does anyone have...