OBS Studio Immediately crashing on startup every time

Steve Jobs

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Running latest version of OBS Studio available from website on my laptop, immediately crashes when trying to launch. Deleted potentially conflicting programs and DDU'd graphics drivers/programs with no luck. Nvidia GPU is also set as the default graphics processor in control panel. Attaching latest crash log as the log analyzer eats the file and returns nothing.


  • Crash 2021-10-11 22-58-23.txt
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It appears to be a crash with QSV (QuickSync Video encoding) for some reason. Another user was experiencing this same issue in the last few days.
Can you go into the system BIOS and disable QSV support if possible, to test?


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I'm getting the same issue too - FerretBomb can you see from my log if it's the same thing? I've uninstalled Nvidia too, thinking it's that. but doens't look like it helped.


  • Crash 2021-10-12 15-15-19.txt
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