crash log

  1. J

    OBS crashing when switching to imported scene collection

    I just reinstalled obs after resetting my pc and was successfully able to import my profile and scene collections but when I switch to the imported scene collection obs crashes. I'm not actively streaming or anything so I'm not sure what is causing the crash especially when all the files and...
  2. S

    My obs keeeps crashing

    It might be because of "Aplication audio output capture" Plugin but honestly i have no idea what's up. Obs also doesn't respond after closing it.
  3. W

    OBS crashing everytime after 1,5h of usage

    Everytime i stream anything or start recording after 1,5h it will definetly crash. Tried installing obs new, updated windows and everything around it. CPU Ryzen 7 5800x GPU Radeon RX6700XT. THX for reading and hopfully helping
  4. B

    Crash when using VST plugin in audio filter (applied to mic input)

    I want to use GVST's GForm pitch and formant changer, so I tried to open the plugin window from the audio filter dialogue, but upon doing so obs immediately crashes. I've added both the obs log and the crash log. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. M

    OBS Crashed as I ended my stream

    Hey, if this is the wrong place to post let me know. I was streaming and all was working fine, when I hit end stream OBS crashed, this happened once before while I streamed but i got it working (no clue how). I am running my games on the pc and using a Hauppauge capture card to send it to my...
  6. Psebcool

    OBS crashed at launch program

    Everytime. I post the Crash log Thanks for help !
  7. P

    OBS keeps crashing during stream

    Hello, My girlfriend has been having an issue with OBS (streamelements version). It keeps crashing multiple times during her stream. Mostly at the beginning. I've tried to find a solution but somehow doesn't work. Can someone help me with this. Here is the lastest crash report...
  8. TheEzeJC

    OBS Crashes At Startup

    Hey, for some reason OBS will refuse to open and the only way I made it open is by deleting the "global.ini" file. Here is the crash log I keep receiving. Besides this, the stream deck will not read obs.
  9. latefair

    App crashes when launched : Unhandled exception: e06d7363

    OBS started crashing when launched. I searched for a solution, but I could only find it for Intel CPUs The log is attached below
  10. 2

    Analyzing a crash log?

    How do I analyze a log such as this. I keep crashing while playing the new mw2 and it's driving me insane! Couldnt post whole log as it was too long Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2022-10-29, 21:05:43 Fault address: 7FFA4FD8D190 (c:\program files\nvidia corporation\nvidia audio...
  11. V

    OBS Version 28.0.3 Crashes during stream

    Hi, I'm currently having an issue where around an hour or so OBS 28.0.3 where it just closes/crashes out. Attached are the log files from the times it crashed. I had no issues with 28.0.2 but now whatever was changed has caused some instability.
  12. A

    OBS crashes on Start Up and Now Won't Open

    M1 MacBook MacOs Version: 12.6 OBS (Apple Silicon) Version: 28.0.2 My OBS was running fine then would crash on start up with the following crash report. What I have tried: Deleting all plugins from library/applicationsupport/obs-studio Restarting and reinstalling several times. Lastly I...
  13. I

    Crash when adjusting settings

    I recently installed OBS, but it has been randomly crashing when I am adjusting settings. The most recent occurred when I was trying to change the "Chroma Key' under filters for my video capture device. I am including the error log as an attachment. I'm using a MacBook Apple Silicone laptop. It...
  14. L

    OBS CRASH almost every day at Starting and On Live

    I've been having this problem for months. When I start OBS it crashes almost every day a couple of times. Once it starts without crashing I start the stream and sometimes everything freezes for about 5 seconds and when it comes back, all the browser sources are not visible. Any help here?
  15. 妮囡囝囿团


  16. D

    OBS randomly crashing after closing and freezes randomly during stream.

    OBS randomly crashing after closing and freezes randomly during stream. Thanks for looking into this!
  17. ArklayAshley

    OBS Studio Intermittently Crashes While Streaming (d3d11.dll Error)

    Hi There! Over the past couple weeks, I've been having intermittent OBS crashes while streaming to Twitch. In each instance, the crash reports indicate the same issue related to d3d11.dll. In troubleshooting last week, I did a clean install of my NVidia drivers as well as an SFC /scannow...
  18. 2

    When I download OBS, It instantly crashes

    Hello. I have recently been trying to down OBS to record, and mess around. But, every time I try to install it, I run OBS, and it crashes saying "Woops! OBS has crashed!" and it won't stop. I have tried every video, and tried reinstalling the application, but it has not been working at all...
  19. J

    OBS crashes at Installation and I don't know what to do

    Hello, I tried everything I found on the Internet, uninstall and reinstall, update my graphics and processor drivers, turned off windows gaming mode, updated DirectX, Allowed OBS in Windows Firewall, changed OBS Compatibility. Im not a very techy guy, so I really don't know what else to do. Can...
  20. A

    OBS Crashing

    Hello! I'm unsure what's been going on with my OBS, but it's been sporadically closing itself. Most recently during my livestream that I'm currently doing right now. I have the crash report, and tried to have it analyzed but the site came up with nothing so I'm hoping someone can shed some light...