OBS crashes on Start Up and Now Won't Open


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M1 MacBook
MacOs Version: 12.6
OBS (Apple Silicon) Version: 28.0.2

My OBS was running fine then would crash on start up with the following crash report.
What I have tried:
Deleting all plugins from library/applicationsupport/obs-studio
Restarting and reinstalling several times.
Lastly I deleted the obs-studio folder all together which now cause obs to not even start up at all.

I'm very much at a loss of what the issue is any help would be much appreciated.


  • obs crash report.txt
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Be mindful that OBS 28 is still in Alpha so most plugins are not going to work. I would first of all delete OBS 28 app from the system altogether. Then install v27.2.4 and get that going, then 28.1.2 for future.