My OBS is Crashing (Crash Logs Attached)


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Hello, forgive me for the bad English, but I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it, in fact I need to find out the cause to know what to do and how to do it. But this Monday I went to do my livestream and when I opened OBS, the message "Woops, OBS Crashed!" appeared, I had to close OBS, I tried to open it again and it opened, I managed to do my live, I thought it would just be a simple and unique problem. Today I went to open OBS Studio to change some scenes, and it crashed again, and again... Sometimes I manage to open it normally, but it works strangely, a bit "lagged".

I'll be attaching some crash LOGS, and a print of the message that appears when it crashes, I hope it's enough to know the cause.

Thanks for reading!

(I'm from Brazil, so my OBS is in Portuguese Language)


  • Crash 2023-02-01 11-35-09.txt
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  • Crash 2023-02-01 11-36-33.txt
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  • Crash 2023-02-01 11-55-44.txt
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The module causing the error is responsible for audio processing. Update audio drivers and check settings/hardware.