Use of Capure card (Elgato 4k) makes OBS crash randomly


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I can stream hours on end, or just have OBS open without problems untill i use (make visible) the capture card source.
The crashes appears randomly, can be directly, in 5 min, in 2 hours etc (streaming and offline) and it basically just closes up OBS. (See below crashfile)

Things already tried: Integrity check, updated all (elgato's software, OBS, drivers, bios), Deleted move transition - but put it back in when crash still occured.
Rechecked all the source settings via elgato's website, re-clicked the capture card in PC, tried different encoder etc. etc.

PC is not overclocked and running it as administrator doesn't help.

I am a bit lost at the moment. Thank you in advance! Crash LOG