OBS 29.0.2 hangs / crashes during streaming or on exit


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My OBS keeps hanging / crashing when I stream or when I want to quit it. I have already tried to find out myself what the problem is and tried all possible tips and tricks.

Hardware acceleration deactivated in the Windows graphics settings
Removed plugins (but only use the websocket and Stream Elements)
Compatibility mode Vista 7 and 8
Start as administrator
Adjusted the permissions in the firewall

I am at the end of my tether. Maybe you can help me. I am attaching two crash files, one from today and one from 17.03.

Many thanks in advance and greetings


  • Crash 2023-03-19 12-43-27.txt
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  • Crash 2023-03-17 20-42-13.txt
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The StreamElements alert overlay and the audio from that is a websource.

In the source menu, the check mark is set for Control audio via OBS. Is this the problem, since the audio is set in StreamElements?


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I've been having the same issue, happened numerous times yesterday and at one point the freeze even caused windows to blue screen with some sort of video memory management error. (I was streaming and playing the Diablo IV beta so the beta might have been part of that issue). But throughout the day while streaming OBS would freeze and I would have to restart. I even downgraded to 28.1 and still experienced the issue. I've also noticed that obs has usually crashed on first load then on second reloaded. I am running it in admin mode, here's one of the crash logs from a few minutes ago.


  • Crash 2023-03-19 06-37-56.txt
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to add to this here's the one time windows logged something to the event viewer:

AppPathC:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe


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Aqui a mesma coisa não consegui fazer nem gravação nem transmissão de Diablo 4. complicado. atrasou todo o nosso trabalho.


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Yours isn't the same issue.
You have a lua script causing the crash.
And please don't hijack other people threads, just create your own.
Actually it is the same issue. Crashing for an unkown reason to them . Their causes maybe different, but their issue is still the same and until someone who understands their logs can explain the cause it would be more beneficial to have all posts in the same thread instead of 10,000 different posts about "unexplained crashing".

I don't understand why now suddenly people think everyone needs to create their own post on an issue bloating a forum with 1,000's of posts on the same issue instead of including their issue in a post already created. As someone who used to have to read posts like this for a job when this new trend of everyone creating their own thread for an issue instead of keeping it all in one thread was when I found a different line of work. people wonder why their threads can go unanswered and this is a huge reason why.


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They need to create their own posts because most times aren't the same issue, and may cause more problems to the creator of the original post.
If the cause of the issue is different the issue itself is different. The result may be persived as iqual but isn't. This people now know the difference between 2 different causes causing a crash and are more aware of how many different situations can cause a crash.
Then when someone else is searching for help on the specific issue the OP asked for, will find the answers just bellow whitout having to read about other issues not related to it's own issue. This happened to me in the past, same as others in here, and that's why we ask to not highjack threads.