crash after exit

  1. Xaymar

    [SOLVED] Browser Sources and Docks randomly trigger at-exit crash or freeze since 28.1.x

    Starting with OBS Studio 28.1.x, having a Dock or Browser Source active will occasionally crash or freeze OBS Studio on exit. The easiest way to reproduce this problem with with the StreamElements overlays, and it happens more frequently when "Use custom frame rate" or "Control audio via OBS" is...
  2. Plaidygami

    OBS crashes on exit

    Updated OBS to 28.1.1 (from 28.1.0 I think) and now it seems to be crashing when I exit the program. Not sure if there's anything else I may have done that could cause this. Crash log
  3. M

    OBS crashes (potentially browser dll?)

    Hello everyone, I am really lost. I updated my OBS and now it just crashes whenever I do anything in OBS, if I add a source it crashes, if I switch scenes it crashes, if I even attempt to close OBS, it throws the error/crash screen. Is it safe to post the logs? When I looked a bit more into it...
  4. K

    OBS runs fine but crashes after exiting the program.

    Did not experience this prior to new update. Also on clean Windows install as of yesterday. Crash log attached.
  5. A

    OBS crashing on exit, and occasionally on scene switch.

    Since I downloaded the latest OBS version, I have been getting crashes as described in the title. The logs seem to point towards my browser sources, but those have not changed in the time frame that I started getting crashes. I noticed that OBS also seems to not crash if I don't have discord...
  6. J

    OBS Crashes when I end my stream

    OBS works fine while I am streaming but as soon as I end my stream I get a crash. file:///C:/Users/swift/AppData/Roaming/obs-webrtc/logs/2022-10-14%2008-49-44.txt
  7. servie

    CRASH 28

    Desde la instalación de OBS 28x al cerrar se provoca el Crash. No hay ningún error al iniciarlo, ni al usar, mucho menos al transmitir, solo genera el Crash al cerrar el programa. ¿Cuál es el motivo?. El 27 cerraba perfecto.
  8. L

    OBS v.28 crashes when I close the program

    I have had an issue for a while that whenever I close OBS it ends up not responding and I then need to close it via task manager. I had recently updated the Streamfx and streamdeck plugin so I'm not sure what could be causing it now. Does anybody know how I might resolve this issue? This is my...
  9. D

    Windows crashes every time I close it. Here are the recent crash logs. Thanks!

    Windows crashes every time I close it. Here are the recent crash logs. Thanks!
  10. O

    Crash When Closing v28.0.0

    Every time I close version 28 it crashes on me. Any ideas? Plugins installed are: Advanced Scene Switcher 1.18.0 Audio Monitor 0.8.1 Shader Filter 1.21 Move Transition 2.6.1 Scene Notes 0.1.1 Soundboard 1.1.0 Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2022-09-02, 16:39:08 Fault address...
  11. K

    OBS Keeps Blue Screening After Closing It...

    I don't know if it's due to other tabs being open, overloading anything in my computer, or plugins not shutting down properly, but I will sometimes close OBS and it will blue screen my computer making it reset. It got so prevalent that my computer needed to completely reset in order to try and...
  12. D

    OBS randomly crashing after closing and freezes randomly during stream.

    OBS randomly crashing after closing and freezes randomly during stream. Thanks for looking into this!
  13. S

    OBS-text.dll crash

    I've recently been experiencing crashes on OBS when I close it! (Atleast it doesnt crash while using it.) But something doesnt close right. Apparently its some text file or load
  14. dj_pole

    OBS crashes after Exit.

    A couple weeks ago I started receiving the Crash error window when closing the program.l I can´t remember if it coincides in time when installing any plugin or what. Everything works fine, the scripts, plugins, everything. The program can stay opened hours and no problem, but when I close it...
  15. JustBeeeb

    OBS crashes after I exit, only if I use move value before

    If I use move value on a 3D transform(StreamFX) obs works fine until I close it, then it gives a crash report. there is a .txt file of it attached to this post.
  16. Sajin_Kahn

    OBS Constantly crashes when I close it.

    I don't think it's been having any other severe problems. but if I don't get to the bottom of this, or at least get some help interpreting what may be the problem I'm going to go crazy. I am still very much a beginner with a lot of this kind of computer stuff, and only learn from experience, so...
  17. R

    OBS Crash during closing the program (and during start)

    As the title explained, yes the program just crashed after I hit the exit button. In addition, it also crashes during startup (running the program). Here are the log files related to the issues. Thank you for your time, please let me know what was the problem.
  18. D

    OBS has Crashed

    This error appeared after changing the computer. The Internet is stable, the OBS settings are optimal for the computer. The broadcast is abruptly interrupted. Removed OBS completely, restored all scenes and sources from the very beginning, changed IP address from automatic to custom.
  19. G

    OBS crashes on every exit/close app.

    Hi. My crash LOG File is Attached BELOW at bottom of POST. We run OBS Studio for church streaming and for the past couple of months or so, it's been crashing every time we close the app at the end of church service. It runs fine, no crashes no errors DURING live streaming of church service...