crash after exit

  1. Imaginewizard

    [Resolved] OBS has recently started crashing when I exit software

    OBS has recently started to crash whenever I close the programme. It's not the biggest issue in the world - there is no major downside except I have to go into Task Manager and kill it there after I've closed it. It opens and runs fine. I've attached the crash report and log, if anyone is able...
  2. ZielonyDzik

    Problem with closing OBS

    Hello. I have a problem with my OBS program. There has been a problem with closing the application for about 2 months now. When I want to disable the application, an error notification pops up (photo and crash log in attachment). I don't know what to do to fix it. Could someone help me?
  3. M

    Can't figure out why it crashes on close

    I've run my log through the analyzer a few times, but can't pin down the problem. OBS works fine the whole time i'm using it so this isn't affecting my use of it, or any problem with performance. But every time I close it, it gives me a crash error and I want to know why haha...
  4. Spectrumnist

    OBS crashes upon closing application (Unhandled exception: c0000005)

    Just updating from 27.2.4 to 30.0.2 (having to rework everything) but I'm still finishing an error message when I close the application. Getting the error message: Unhandled exception: c0000005 I have other crash reports from later streams, but I'm hoping that whatever is causing this problem...
  5. WEmwuZ

    in New Windows 10 it crash in using Nvdia H.264 Coding

    I have try to use DDU to uninstall the Nvidia Driver.And re-install it by downloading in Offical Website in Nvidia. I have also tried using system repair commands, but they did not work. In crash log,I found some dll always in Fault Address: qt6widgets.dll qt6gui.dll qwindows.dll maybe i need...
  6. U

    Crash after exit ...

    I can use OBS normally without noticing any errors. But when I close OBS after the stream I get a crash message. Don't understand the file. Can someone help me please?
  7. O

    Source of crash in log "<unknown>"

    Hello! First time poster here, very grateful for all the solves I've found in these forums over the years but having an issue I can't quite figure out. My OBS reports a crash every time it closes - not a big deal since it never hits when the software is open or in use, but it is something I'd...
  8. marinehaddock

    OBS Crashes on Close after Every Stream

    Every time I stream, my OBS will crash when I close it. It has once happened when I didn't stream but had OBS open for a while while working on things. This has only happened once and I didn't expect it to happen so couldn't time how long it was open before that happened. I don't remember what...
  9. L

    OBS Constant Crash After Updating To v30

    Hi there! I've been noticing that ever since I updated OBS to version 30.0, OBS crashes upon exit every time giving me the "Woops, OBS has crashed!" error window. I've attached a screenshot below: I'm also attaching a copy of the crash log to this post. Any idea on what might be causing...
  10. C

    OBS Crashing on Close

    For the past few days, OBS is crashing upon closing the app. I don't seem to have any other performance issues, and I cannot determine a cause or reason for the crash. I ran a log, and the only critical I got back was "Max Audio Buffering" on my Main Camera source - which is odd, because that's...
  11. U

    OBS Crash AFTER Exit

    Hi, when I close OBS, it crashes. When streaming everything works well.
  12. RodsKaden

    Crashes when exiting and when trying to record

    Greetings, I have noticed that OBS crashes every time I close it, and recently it has crashed when I attempted to record. I am not exactly sure what causes these. Here are the last few crash logs though!
  13. T

    OBS Crash after exit & on stream

    I my obs crash but i don't know why. maybe because of the update for 29.1.3 ? or something else. This is the first time that happen in two years i used it. The crash generaly happen after the exit and on a livestream I have three text crash data. Maybe the solution is inside. Thks for your help
  14. Y

    OBS bluescreen on exit

    Recently I have a problem that when I close OBS studio, it sometimes crashes with bluescreen. Heres my log: Bluescreen log in attachment. My specs: amd rx 7900 xt (newest driver with clean install) amd ryzen threadripper 3960x 24core (newest chipset...
  15. I

    Whenever I close a game my OBS crashes.

    I've been streaming for over two years and I've never had a problem, but lately my OBS started to break, and recently I noticed a pattern, I don't know if this pattern existed to be honest or if it started to happen now, the thing is, my OBS just stops working whenever I close a game, and then I...
  16. Tiaeth

    OBS 29.0.2 hangs / crashes during streaming or on exit

    Hello, My OBS keeps hanging / crashing when I stream or when I want to quit it. I have already tried to find out myself what the problem is and tried all possible tips and tricks. Reinstalled Hardware acceleration deactivated in the Windows graphics settings Removed plugins (but only use the...
  17. M

    My obs crashes when I finish a League of legends Match

    I stream league on my twitch, but lately with atomic heart crashes or when i leave a game freezes the entirelly pc. I need an answer Also crashes the browser sources. and changes the resolution only in my preview
  18. S

    What's causing this crash??

    My OBS crashes on exit, and I canNOT figure out why. I think it might be a plugin... but I really don't know. Crash log attached
  19. wynd

    OBS is crashing on exit

    I've been trying to trim down my scenes/sources in OBS and removed some plugins I no longer use or are no longer compatible as well as attempting to find the right settings for my streams since I am experiencing lag and framiness during my live streams (this only happens with 1 game - everything...
  20. C

    Webcam feed fails under Windows 11

    Hi, I have the following issue after upgrading my PC from Windows 10 to 11: OBS Studio sometimes does not recognize the webcam feed (black screen); when this happens: * no other program is using the webcam * the webcam is functioning (closing OBS and starting a different program, e.g...