trouble shooting

  1. S

    Mic gain randomly going down

    Hi guys, just noticed on stream than the audio of my mic is randomly going down for no reason. I mean not the cursor but the audio level itself it change from being right at the begining in of the yellow area to being way down in the green area. It seems that it has something to do with the mic...
  2. C

    My audio keeps randomly cutting out for no reason.

    My audio keeps cutting out while I'm livestreaming some live music. It wasn't doing this last week and I'm not sure what to do about it. I hope someone can help me out with this issue. I hope the log files are useful, I had restarted my stream a couple times when the audio cut out since I...
  3. N

    mw2 crashing with new obs 29.0.2 loggs make no sense....

    here's the mind fuck of this all, the log file for obs seems ok I've analyzed it myself, ill link below. how ever when i check the mw2 crash log it list's 2 other programs as the issue. One was armory crate related and the other was antares central something, see for your self, HOW EVER, when i...
  4. Jshmittyz

    Iphone twitch apps say I am offline when I am Streaming

    So when I am streaming on twitch people on android and computers can watch me fine but people using the iPhone app or on bowser on the iPhone cant watch me unless they have the availability to turn down my resolution but the problem is that's not always available and I have a lot of people who...
  5. K

    Crashing on startup

    I was trying one of the filters on my microphone I believe it was the VST option, mine works with Fruity Loops Studio so I was testing what it could do and it worked for a minute but eventually just crashed. Now OBS will not launch without crashing and if I try to open several times where it...
  6. C

    Streamlabs and Streamelements alerts stop displaying and playing audio all of a sudden

    Everything was great, although did have the occasional issue with the alerts deciding not to play audio; but those were easy fixes. Now everything has changed and nothing works. I think the biggest change I've made to OBS was when I changed from Software encoding to Hardware encoding because my...
  7. DachSunD

    Sudden Issues with Encoding, Recording Errors?

    Hello everybody! Let me try to nail this down as concisely as I can, because this had been a long-running stream of issues for me. I decided to start streaming/recording videos. Downloaded OBS and in testing initially everything was fine. When I went to do an actual stream, everything lagged...
  8. N

    HD60 S+ shows black screen STILL. "MAC"

    Using a HD60 S+ with a "GodSpin" 3.1-3.2 USB C to USB C cable. The Capture Card shows up in the "Video Capture Device" option but still my screen is black. There is a small red square in the top left corner of the screen, when you unlock the source. I try to move it and it disappears. **NEED...
  9. K

    Help with Custom RTMP URL and KEY

    Hey everyone, I'm streaming to a site that gave me a weird URL and Streamkey, Im trying to figure out how to get my url and key out of it. I don't want to post the whole thing in this forum, but I'll add a portion of both. Does anyone know how OBS parses this for the key so I can populate it...
  10. K

    Slight lagging/chopping while recording

    I am currently trying to record some off ride shots of a rollercoaster in planet coaster which is made pretty impossible by just that slight lagging that makes the footage unusable. Attached I have my logs My settings are: Canvas and Scaled Resolution 1920 x 1080 FPS: 60 Downscale Filter...
  11. M

    When I record with game capture, the window is upside down, and the cursor is upside up.

    When I started trying to record with OBS this week, I have been having issues that I haven't had for the past year I have been using OBS. When I record a specific window with game capture, the window is upside down. I figured that just a simple rotate and flip would fix the issue, but the cursor...
  12. Mr.Swagtastic

    How to pull audio from different sources?

    My issue is when I'm streaming from my capture card, my viewers cant hear my friend and I talking through discord. So either they hear the game play from my capture card and no one talking or they hear us talking but no game audio. How can I fix this so my viewers can hear both? Thanks,
  13. T

    Choppy Recordings no matter what I do

    I cannot figure out why my recordings are coming up so extremely choppy. I have game DVR disabled and other windows gaming related features. I have tried lowering to quality. Should I use a different recording program? [Video](
  14. Notlistening

    YouTube not compatible with Twitch?

    This needs to be upvoted because it took me half an hour to find the answer, it needs to take less time for others. Do you want to stream to Twitch and YouTube at the same time? You can't. Sorry to say this but it's not possible. At the moment streaming to Twitch and YouTube at the same time...
  15. N

    Question / Help VLC Source Freezing in OBS

    Hello, I could really use some help troubleshooting the VLC source in OBS. I'm looping a YouTube playlist via a VLC network stream. After about an hour the stream freezes and requires me to remove the VLC source to kick back on. I've been playing around with the settings in VLC (v 3.0.2 64bit)...
  16. M

    Question / Help Obs Keeps disconnecting

    I'm going to try my hardest to make this simple for you gurus reading this. <3 I just bought a gaming PC the other day, Intel i7 3.6ghz 16gb ram and Nvidia Geforce 1060 3gig basic specs. Whenever i start stream through OBS to my Twitch account, every minute or 2, i get a notification that it...