Question / Help Elgato HD 60 Pro + Switch and Streaming/Recording


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Hi guys,

my setup as follows:

Elgato HD 60 Pro installed
Mainmonitor: Acer Predator 144 Hz G-Sync Displayport to GPU for Gaming
Secondmonitor: Old Acer 60 Hz DVI to GPU for Chat etc
Nintendo Switch via HDMI to Elgato IN

There are two scenarios for me:

1. Just capturing Switch Gameplay to my stream using OBS

Therefore I am using:
DP Mainmonitor to GPU
DVI Secondmonitor to GPU
Switch HDMI out -> Elgato HDMI IN

I use the Elgato Software on Fullscreen to play my game, evertytime I use my mouse the fullscreen from Elgato Software goes to the small overlay showing Elgato.
I have the problem that I am only able to get Display Capture in OBS, no Video Capture.
Video Capture stays black with no signal at OBS, any hints to use Video Capture?
Also I would like to use the 144 Hz on my monitor, but that is not possible via HDMI?

2. Streaming via OBS and Recording PC Games via Elgato at the same time

DP Mainmonitor to GPU
DVI Secondmonitor to GPU

How do I need to plug my cables in order to play my game at 144 hz, stream 720p/60fps to OBS/Twitch and record at the same time at 1080p via Elgato to HDD?

Please advice you smart people out there :)

Greetings Thomas