Question / Help Two monitors 60 and 144 Hz. Stream lags.


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Hi everybody.

In general, I purchased a second monitor 144 Hz (Asus VG258Q) and decided to stream in conjunction with a 60Hz monitor. I configure the game under 144 FPS for the main monitor and start the stream. And I see that the stream begins to lag. And these lags look like I'm watching a 20 FPS video. As a result, I found out that OBS, with the second monitor turned on, catches the flow of the game, where 144 FPS makes this flow 60 FPS and lets this flow go further. Although my second monitor is set up as an add-on, not the main one, OBS still grabs its Hz and adjusts the number of frames for it. But if you turn off the 60Hz monitor, everything becomes fine and OBS gives the stream to 144 FPS, and youtube already cuts it to 60. What should I do? How to solve this problem, because the second Monique is needed to read the comments and other nonsense.

Sorry for bad english, google translate from russian)


get rid of the 60 hz monitor, there is no solution i'm aware of that helps to get a good stream with such a config