Switching from NDI to capture card, had some questions.


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Hey so I've finally come to the realization that no matter how much troubleshooting I do, NDI will always look a little less natural than the high qaulity cap card streams that I've been comparing it to. I'm thinking of getting a HD60 but had some questions regarding the screen tearing issue that some face (gaming pc is 144hz) when cloning the monitor to the HD60s cap of 60hz. I know there's a fix where you run OBS on the gaming PC as well but I'm not interested in that at all. My question is whether or not the windows 2004 dual-refresh-rate-fix would solve my problem, because I looked but couldn't find any threads related to specifically that.
If there is another fix that someone wants to recommend I'm totally open to that as well, just trying to get the best stream quality possible!