low fps

  1. NakoTeru

    insane FPS drop when tabbed out

    no matter what game i stream or record on my computer my OBS drops frames like crazy when ever i tab out the software i woud be thankfull for any help i get here is my log: https://obsproject.com/logs/9SLlW9-zHMQyuc5X cpu:intel i5-9500 ram:16gb gpu: NVIDIA GeForceGTX:1660
  2. S

    OBS Recordings LAGGY no matter what settings I use | NEED HELP ASAP

    Hey all I have a big issues with OBS recordings being extremely laggy and pixelated. Ive set all presets to high and changed the bit rate but nothing has helped. In the game im recording I get over 100 fps but all the recordings are super laggy and definitely not a consistent 30 fps. The lag...
  3. Cypteur

    94.2% GPU Overload, tried solutions but doesn't work

    I've been getting some serious lag on my output recording, and apparently it's because of GPU Overload (checked through analyzer). I've tried every possible solution I could find, like turning on Vsync, capping the FPS, running as administrator, so on and so on. Turning the graphics settings...
  4. ItsDefendant

    Low Recording FPS in Some Games/No Hardware Encoding Available

    Hello, I want to test some things out and start streaming at some point. I tested out Doom II: Hell on Earth (through GZDoom) and Rocket League, and they both appeared to go completely fine. However, when I went to test Portal 2, I got a reply from my friend who told me the frames were very low...
  5. R

    Stream goes sometimes under 60 fps but fps in game are good.

    Hello guys, first of all i want apologize my english. But my problem is that i set 720p 60fps in OBS but stream goes sometimes under 60fps like every 2minutes and it looks like 30fps. And after few second it goes normal back. I tried everything, what i found in internet but nothing worked. In...
  6. Soy Level Max

    Obs me quita FPS

    Hola Alguien tiene el problema de que al abrir OBS (solo abrirlo, incluso en modo Admin) los juegos bajan un 40% o mas de FPS? Por ejemplo, en Far Cry 6, lo juego a 60fps de forma constante, pero al abrir OBS me baja a 30 o menos FPS. No es el único juego que me pasa este problema. Tendré...
  7. V

    Ingame performance laggy while Streaming

    Hi there! Recently i noticed that while im streaming i get big frames loss and bit lag ingame, like Valorant i run 200+fps off streamand while on stream i can only get 100/120 and very inconsisten, another example is Fifa 22, while on stream the game has a lot of lag for some reason I have a RTX...
  8. tiboine

    two of my 4 cameras is lagging.

    Problem: low fps preview/program image. I'm using the latest OBS studio 64 bit. When I connect my Nikon Z6II via USB with the help of the Nikon webcam utility, the video feed is laggy/low fps. It looks like the fps is around ~15. This same happens when I use my Huawei P20 pro with the...
  9. J

    Terrible Recording Quality/Replay Buffer Inconsistency (HELP!)

    Hello, total OBS noob here. I am looking for an alternative to NVIDIA's Shadowplay, which has proven to be pretty unreliable at times, and generally lower quality. I've heard many good things about OBS, but despite looking into just about every corner I can find, I can't seem to get it to work...
  10. T

    Lagdy video at 5760x2160, any way to fix?

    I have my current video base and scaled resolution at 5760x2160, and the recording set to a mov container, 10000kbps bitrate, and nvenc_hevc encoding. The video runs fine for the first 2ish seconds before dropping to 2 seconds a frame. Anything to change to fix this? I remember changing...
  11. D

    Low fps while recording

    While i play a game it goes from 170-250 fps, and when i strat recording or streaming it lows to 30-50 fps and sometimes it goes at 70, i would like to fix this because the last time i used obs was fine My PC: Nvidia GFORCE 1050 2vgb Kingston 8GB + Crucial 16GB Intel Core i7-7700hq 2.80GHz...
  12. nerodotjpeg

    i am getting less than 1 fps while recording ( with logs )

    every single time I go to record gameplay my game runs just fine. but then when I go to check the recording it's 1 frame per 5 seconds. logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/wIT7dLFyLXa-sC5x video evidence: https://youtu.be/tQlDbnmi5lI
  13. T

    OBS Game Capture uses all of my CPU

    Hello, I've recently started using OBS Studio to capture Minecraft for my YouTube channel. I've encountered an issue where OBS is using about 50% of my CPU when using the game capture source, it makes Minecraft drop from 120 FPS to 10 FPS even when I'm not recording/streaming. When I use display...
  14. A

    Getting low frames in games with i7 and 3070 ;/

    After i upgraded from my 1060 6gb to a 3070 i thought all my probelmes would be solved. I feel like i have tried everything. This is my last try before i quit streaming. This is my setup: i7 7700K 3070 16GB ddr4 3000mhz I thought that my setup was more than planety good to use for streaming...
  15. M

    OBS 1 fps and 15 second video becomes an 8 minute video

    When i record a 15 second video it becomes 1 fps and it turns into a long 8-20 minute video my specs are Intel core 13 4gb ran And i am using windows 10 home
  16. M

    Question / Help OBS NDI Frames missed due to rendering lag, and NDI signal dropping out constantly

    Hey! So I use 2 computers for streaming and recording with an OBS NDI setup, through a wired gigabyte switch with cat5e cables to both computers. This setup has worked flawlessly for about a year, I'd stream via my second, weaker PC, and use my main PC to play games, as well as use the Replay...
  17. K

    Question / Help While recording I keep experiencing frame drops. Is a setting I have involved?

    I was recording a game and my frames started dropping about 10 minutes in and the fluctuated between 30-49 FPS for a while. My CPU was running no higher then 15% at peak. The game ran flawless on my end so any help with the settings that may be a problem would be greatly appreciated.
  18. M

    Question / Help Low fps in games when I open OBS with integrated graphics

    I want to start streaming LOL on twitch, I got everything configured but i have a problem. I would like to stream the whole screen so that there is no black screen between games, so I run OBS Studio with the integrated graphics. However, when I do that, my fps in-game drop to 20-30 (I have them...
  19. G

    Question / Help Help me quick

    I have pretty good specs but when I'm recording video is too laggy and I can't even edit it... But while I'm recording gameplay looks still 60fps+ and after recording video is like slideshow, I configured it well so I don't know what's the problem
  20. H

    Question / Help Webcam is blurry, low FPS, and has poor lighting when using my macbook

    I am using a Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 on my macbook air and it is giving me a very low FPS-everything is really blurry when I do any fast movements. Also, the lighting is too bright and it is hard to see anything. It is also rather fuzzy. Should I just buy a new, more expensive webcam if I...