low fps

  1. dailydenny

    Question / Help OBS, OBS Streamlabs - FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect

    Hello everyone. I have big FPS Drop, Lag, disconnect on the stream. Game does not slow down. I start streaming 3 month ago - and i don't have problem never with my stream. All stream be 60 fps and don't lags, disconected and ets. 26.10.2018 My stream start laging, and stream shutdown. To date...
  2. G

    Question / Help Black ops 4 causing LOW fps on obs

    in every mode obs will be dropped to 10-15 fps ryzen 1700x @ 3.8 16gb ddr4 2333 msi 970 game on a ssd 128gb recording on hdd and os on a m.2 I have no issue with any other game other then this now this issue has only recently appeared ive used both cpu and gpu encoding neither matters...
  3. HotelCharliHill

    Question / Help NDI Source Plugin 2 PC Streaming, Black Ops 4

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your help as usual. Reading threads here led me to NDI Source Plugin so that I could finally stream my 1440p gaming to my streaming PC which is a much older monitor (and AverMedia LGHD2 capture card is limited to 1080p at 60Hz). I'm playing games at 1440p @ 144Hz and...
  4. X

    Question / Help Low FPS with OBS in League of Legends

    Hello everybody! Problem: After 1-2 hours of streaming my League drops to around 15fps, sometimes around 50fps out of nowhere. Even if I close OBS and restart the game this problem is still there. Also when I restart the computer without opening OBS again, League still has the "capped" fps...
  5. R

    FPS problems after the April 2018 Windows 10 Update?

    Does having OBS open make your game lag? Has your game FPS dropped substantially? The new Windows 10 update (version 1803) released at the end of April 2018 has some changes to Direct3D that require an OBS update. In an unfortunately timed coincidence, the auto updater built into OBS Studio...
  6. M

    Question / Help Choppy game / low FPS with Fullscreen-Projector Preview April 2018 Windows Update

    Running an Elgato HD60Pro to my streaming PC. It's about the OBS on my Gaming PC, which does nothing but sends a fullscreen preview to the virtual monitor (capture card) Normal FPS, without OBS running: ~ 200 FPS with OBS and Fullscreen preview: ~130 (Game in Fullscreen) FPS with OBS and...