Question / Help Severe frame lag recording Fortnite with OBS


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Hello everyone! I have used OBS for a couple years and it has done great, no problems. My games run smooth and it has minimal impact on frames. During seasons 3-4 and even 5 in fortnite, i recorded some gameplay (just for fun) and I still got 60 FPS and it went great. Recently, out of nowhere, my game frames have been dropping severely when recording, to as low as 30 or 25. I have not changed my hardware AT ALL with the exception of switching to an SSD. 1080 GTX, 16GB RAM, i7 4GHz. What's the issue? I've reinstalled and even tried other screen recording software with the same result. What do you think could be the problem?

Note: I lock my game at 60FPS normally because my monitor has that refresh rate. I play with medium low graphics regardless. My specs should be enough... maybe its a fortnite problem? Please let me know

Also: I swear I'm not a sweat I record fortnite when we're doing funny things for a small youtube channel for friends. Only reason I still play is because memes.