Question / Help Fortine dropped fps if I add an animated media source to OBS


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Hi, I recently learned how to make animated webcam overlays for me and some friends. They are great and work perfectly, but the problem is that the game droppes the frames, we get like 50 less fps.
It is not a real problem to me, cause I have a rx 580 and I set the game to stay at 60fps. But my friends are not that lucky, they have 1050 ti and equivalents and they get lower fps.

I do the overlas with Photoshop, then I animate it with After Effects and I render it to Quicktime with Alpha (to have the transparent background). I also tried rendering on CC Media Encoder to WebM (it is waaaay lighter) but the problem is still there..
Then I tried to make a gif but the only way for me to do them is Photoshop, and I can't save it to web because of my RAM, looks like it's not enough and doesn't let me

We all use the OBS Studio (last version)
Hope someone can help me solve this problem 'cause I love making animated overlays and this frustrates me