1. Twelve47Studios

    Free Stream Garden

    Introducing: Stream Garden Overlay! - Garden overlay grows as viewers donate & subscribe. Allows viewers to visually leave their mark while helping the stream. Customizable Color Schemes - GIF in-Action: - Set it up through OBS at my website...
  2. MMLTech

    Free Rounds Timer usable in OBS Studio Browser Source 2023-08-31

    Configure here: OBS Rounds Timer Boxing Interval Timer is a round timer created for use during training in any round sport, including boxing martial arts, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, kick boxing, BJJ, and more. It is straightforward, cutting-edge, and efficient, and it is...
  3. Z

    The makers of Altered Carbon: Resleeved like OBS :-)

  4. T

    Lower thirds

    Animated lower thirds not working in Windows 11. However, it works in windows 10. I have tried everything but I can't solve this problem. I even got rid of it and then downloaded it again. Can anybody help me?
  5. A

    Animated Lower Third stops Working V1.6 on OBS 26.1.1 Windows 10

    All of a sudden my deployment stopped working the panel shows blue but nothing shows in preview or program screen. This is with rest of the layer disabled. Is their a log that I can read and report or alternatively any dependencies that am missing. 20:56:12.485: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  6. I

    Animated cursor not recording.

    I have an animated cursor but when recording, it just doesn't show up. What can I do to make it visible?
  7. natopower

    Free CounterAnimate 0.6.1

    NOTE: This is still in very early stages - expect bugs and missing features! This is CounterAnimate - if you're like me, you hate that text updating in OBS is static and always looks bland. If you use a scoreboard, the numbers updating or clock ticking is sad looking. This is what this is...
  8. Owlyyy

    Question / Help Animated Overlay CPU Problem (SEND HELP XD)

    Hi, I recently got a graphics designer to make a animated overlay for my stream which I believe would elevate it to the next level. The second I place into my stream it fits perfectly and I feel like I am on to a winner here. Then I realise that my CPU suddenly went from 12% to 94%. As soon as...
  9. M

    Question / Help Fortine dropped fps if I add an animated media source to OBS

    Hi, I recently learned how to make animated webcam overlays for me and some friends. They are great and work perfectly, but the problem is that the game droppes the frames, we get like 50 less fps. It is not a real problem to me, cause I have a rx 580 and I set the game to stay at 60fps. But my...