Free CounterAnimate 0.6.1

NOTE: This is still in very early stages - expect bugs and missing features!


This is CounterAnimate - if you're like me, you hate that text updating in OBS is static and always looks bland.

If you use a scoreboard, the numbers updating or clock ticking is sad looking.

This is what this is built to solve - CounterAnimate takes the contents of a .txt file, and will make it a Browser Source. Then, whenever the number in the file changes, the number will create a counting animation from the previous number to the new one. This updates every second.

It's not hard to set up - but there are instructions in the

This is, full disclosure, the first thing I've ever worked on for OBS - so, if there are things that could be improved, well, that's why it's on GitHub. Requests and suggestions are welcome!

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