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  1. V

    OBS Browser source not displaying non-english (TAMIL) characters

    Hi All, I am facing an issue with OBS browser source. I have a html web page with TAMIL language characters. It works fine when i open it in my browser (Chrome). [See screenshot 1] But when i add it as web source it does not display correctly. [See screenshot 2] The latet log can be found here...
  2. A

    How to identify my webpage being run on OBS? User-agent missing info

    Hi, I am building a webpage that is to be used as a Browser Source layer in OBS for livestreams. Few Questions: How can I figure out that my webpage is being inserted in OBS? I want to know when the page got activated in OBS. Any additional info that I can fetch from OBS will be helpful. How...
  3. AceOfJ

    Control audio via OBS

    Hey so I'm a streamer but I have this issue with my audio. I use a lot of browser sources to display when I get new followers or subs and I've recently added sound redemptions with Blerp but I can't hear any of them. I think the reason is to do with the setting "control audio via OBS" as I can...
  4. M

    Setting up a browser source on Linux

    Hello, I am using OBS on Fedora, and I am trying to set up a browser source. When I try to add a source from the sources dock, "Browser" doesn't appear in the list. In File>Settings>Advanced, there is no "Sources section. How can I setup a browser source? Cheers!
  5. W

    Browser Sources Taking A Long Time To Load

    Hey all, I'm not sure why but I opened up OBS studio yesterday and for some reason my browser sources (from streamelements) are taking a long time to load. When I change scenes and my transition plays, there is initially a black screen and then my scene will load in. However when I load my...
  6. W

    Browser source CustomCSS not visible to Javascript?

    I'm working on a CSS Animation, and I'd like to set some parameters in the Custom CSS properties field of the Browser source. If I have this in the Custom CSS field of the Browser source's properties: body { --name: "My Name" ; --name-color: orange ; } I can access the CSS variables in the...
  7. D

    YouTube in browser source lags

    I have been using the browser source to stream my own videos for years. Then today no video on YouTube will play smoothly. The audio is fine but the video is jerky as skips frames. I have reset pc. I have used most recent version of OBS. .. I have reverted to older versions. I have set the...
  8. natopower

    Free CounterAnimate 0.6.1

    NOTE: This is still in very early stages - expect bugs and missing features! This is CounterAnimate - if you're like me, you hate that text updating in OBS is static and always looks bland. If you use a scoreboard, the numbers updating or clock ticking is sad looking. This is what this is...
  9. E

    Browser Source doesn't show up anymore all white docks as well

    Anybody know why my browser sources would stop showing up and my docks would turn all white? Everything was fine a few days ago
  10. M

    Browser Source Videos freezing

    Hellow there... I have a big issue with my browser-sources. I can show pictures or graphics, animated GIFs or play audio. All that works fine but won't work with any kind of videos! They freeze after a split second no matter what I try but the audio continues! I tested it with OBS Studio and...
  11. P

    Browser source language

    When using the OBS browser source, the language of the browser changes from it's default (English) to another language, that isn't my default OBS language. I can't seem to be able to change it, and I haven't found anything online, What can I do to fix it? Here is my log file...
  12. W

    Is there a problem with the browser source in OBS version 25.0.8 32 bit?

    Last Log File - I have tried many ways of getting the restream chat to apear on my screen and for some reason not even the original https that's on the browser source shows anything. Now just to be clear I'm new to OBS, but I asked the guys at...
  13. Exeldro

    OBS Lua Reset Browsers Sources 0.0.1

    Reset all browsers sources
  14. N

    Question / Help Browser Source is Not Using Color

    The Browser Source in The Image is the below image and a screenshot from the website shows what the color should look like. Please Advise
  15. AerobaticDemon

    Bug Report Browser Interaction stops working

    (Reposted & Edited to Bug Report from Question / Help) Hi there, I am currently trying to use the browser source to display a webpage that I need to click a button on with the browser interaction to show a side pop-up. The issue I am facing is where once clicking the button once on the browser...
  16. A

    Question / Help CLR Browser with ADblocker

    I am running my Obs Stream on a VServer. That mean I cant capture my Music Playlist with an normal Window or Desktop Audio. The only way is to use an CLR OBS Browser. But I dont want to see/hear Ads anymore. Is there any way to install a AdBlocker or a Plugin, in one of these "half" chrome...
  17. C

    Question / Help BrowserSource is blurry.

    Hi. I'm having a problem with BrowserSource. I have an HTML page I load from it but the resulting output from it is blurry. Is there any way I can fix this?
  18. seniorspirit

    Question / Help when enable hardware aceelraty , browse source cant be show

    hi, i have problem with browse source i wants to show my donate alerts with browse source, it have 1 gif and 1 music music is playing good but my gif is very laggy, some one say to enable hardware aceelraty in setting, but when i do this my browse source dosent show anythink this is video to...