How to identify my webpage being run on OBS? User-agent missing info


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I am building a webpage that is to be used as a Browser Source layer in OBS for livestreams.
Few Questions:
  1. How can I figure out that my webpage is being inserted in OBS? I want to know when the page got activated in OBS. Any additional info that I can fetch from OBS will be helpful.
  2. How to know the time when the user started a livestream on OBS with my browser source active in the scene?
  3. Can I control the elements of my webpage to only show up when the livestream actually began? Currently it starts showing up the page the moment link is added in browser source.
Any help/guidance in this regard will be very helpful. Thanks in advance!


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use API from twitch YT and so authent via twitch and the site sees that the site is activ its not obs relatet it API stuff from twitch and the orher providers that you want support !