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Hey so I'm a streamer but I have this issue with my audio. I use a lot of browser sources to display when I get new followers or subs and I've recently added sound redemptions with Blerp but I can't hear any of them.

I think the reason is to do with the setting "control audio via OBS" as I can hear everything when that is disabled, the problem is that when its disabled my chat can't hear anything.

I am also using the win-capture-audio plugin to separate my audio settings, but I'm 90% sure this issue existed before I added the plugin.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate some help with this - J


Please have a look at that Browser source's settings in the Audio Mixer. Click at the cog wheel icon and go to Advanced Audio Properties. There you'll find an Audio Monitoring dropdown. Monitoring is the sound that's not intended for the audience, but for the presenters and OBS technicians (=you). By default the setting is Monitor Off, since many people have their speakers close to their microphone. Try changing that to Monitor and Output.