Question / Help Webcam is blurry, low FPS, and has poor lighting when using my macbook


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I am using a Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000 on my macbook air and it is giving me a very low FPS-everything is really blurry when I do any fast movements. Also, the lighting is too bright and it is hard to see anything. It is also rather fuzzy. Should I just buy a new, more expensive webcam if I want it to run really well? My built in Mac webcam works better than this, I also notice that there are a lot less settings on my mac obs compared to using the webcam on my Windows 10 obs.
I tested it out on my gaming PC with 16 gb of ram, gtx 980 graphics card, and i5 4690k processor and it runs much better
The current specs on my macbook are:
8 gb ram
256gb ssd
1.6 ghz i5