Question / Help OBS NDI Frames missed due to rendering lag, and NDI signal dropping out constantly


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So I use 2 computers for streaming and recording with an OBS NDI setup, through a wired gigabyte switch with cat5e cables to both computers. This setup has worked flawlessly for about a year, I'd stream via my second, weaker PC, and use my main PC to play games, as well as use the Replay Buffer function. I decided recently to switch to using the Replay Buffer on my second PC as well, and when I discovered I couldn't get quite the same quality as my main, I opened up a major can of worms.

Main PC specs:
Intel Corei7-6700 3.4gz
16gb ddr4 ram
64 bit Windows

Streaming PC specs:
AMD FX 8320 3500mhz
16gb ram (not sure if ddr3 or 4)
Nvidia GTX 960
64 Bit Windows

The Problem started when I was trying to increase video Quality on my streaming PC's recording process. I stream in 720p @60fps and I have no trouble doing that. So in order to keep that working, I tried Recording in 1080p via a different encoder. Ran into OBS crashing a lot so I would be trying different combinations of settings, and eventually settled upon updating NDI on both computers, as well as updating graphics drivers on my streaming PC. What solved the quality issue was changing the YUV Color space to match my gaming PC.

However now, while just testing computer to computer recording, my gaming PC is losing *some* frames, about 1% on average, which didn't used to happen. The big issue comes from using Glasswire to watch my network traffic, and the OBS to OBS signal will just randomly drop out for a second or 2 causing the recording or stream from my second PC to just look as if the game froze, however my game and OBS on the gaming PC perform just fine. The amount of lagging seems to vary from game to game, but it's consistently there.

It's worth noting that while both systems run 64bit windows 10, my streaming PC refuses to run 64bit OBS, and says my GPU isn't supported, but 32bit OBS hasn't had any issues for a year now.

Any help is appreciated!

Gaming PC Log:

Streaming PC Log:


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It's also worth mentioning that testing local recordings look fine, minus the few Frames Missed, so that's another thing I'll have to look that when the major is is solved.


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I'm having a similar issue. At first I thought it was an NDI issue but after a uninstall of the ndi and a clean install of obs I am still getting dropped frames and I'm just not sure what is causing it.