Question / Help New Monitor = Low Game FPS When Recording


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Hi! Haven't posted here in a while because OBS has been working as expected for a while now. I've been recording/streaming in 1080p with zero/minimal problems. Up until today, I've been recording 1600x900 gameplay and having OBS resize it to 1920x1080. I assumed that it wasn't true 1920x1080, since OBS was probably stretching the footage or something to make it fit, so I decided to by a true 1920x1080 monitor.

After a few driver updates, the monitor seems to be working fine, but my games' performance seem to be taking a hit. Fortnite (which I've been using as a benchmark test) went down from 180-200 FPS to 100-140 when I'm not recording. The FPS drop is kind of noticeable, but the game is still enjoyable and very much playable. I don't mind the FPS tradeoff for the larger screen. The main problem is that when I have OBS active, the in-game FPS drops from 100-140 to a measly 40-60 FPS. Not only does the FPS get cut in half, but the game seems to run extremely slow, and the audio stutters every now and then. I've never experienced performance issues this bad with my PC, and I'm crossing my fingers that the drop in FPS while recording is due to bad OBS settings and not a weak graphics card...

Anybody have experience with changing monitors/resolution resulting in a significantly lower in-game FPS rate when recording?

PC Stats:
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPU - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 (3GB)
SSD (Primary) - WD Blue 3D SATA M.2 250GB
HDD (Secondary, where my games are stored) - Seagate Barracuda 2TB
RAM - Kingston HyperX 2133 C14 2x8GB (16GB total)
Motherboard - MSI X370 GAMING PLUS (MS-7A33)

OBS Settings:
Encoder: x264 (my CPU)
Rate Control: CBR
Bitrate: 5000
Keyframe Interval: 0
Preset: Default
Profile: main
Level: auto
Two-Pass Encoding: On
GPU: 0
B-Frames: 2


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Tried recording Apex Legends instead of Fortnite, and it was fine...minimal to no FPS loss. Then went back to Fortnite and FPS was normal. Started recording, FPS was still normal. Then about 10 seconds into recording, FPS dropped back to where it was when I wrote this article. Almost like Apex Legends temporarily cured my PC of Fortnite cancer...

I'm even more confused at this point.