94.2% GPU Overload, tried solutions but doesn't work


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I've been getting some serious lag on my output recording, and apparently it's because of GPU Overload (checked through analyzer). I've tried every possible solution I could find, like turning on Vsync, capping the FPS, running as administrator, so on and so on. Turning the graphics settings down doesn't really help much either. The game runs at a smooth 60 fps with OBS not running, but lags a little with OBS running. Any help on this?

Here's the log: https://obsproject.com/logs/jaWit7U03FkJIwLc
1GHz processor - hmm it's very very slow, check power effinency.
Set 30fps and lower resolution (now you have 720p).
Use QSV encoding.


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It's a iGPU (integrated GPU), and iGPUs are not very powerful. They are designed for office use, not focus on gaming and video processing. You probably used all resources it is able to provide.