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Heya, I am David Pixley theMuzzl3.

Here are (some) of my recent ideas. I'll have more, later. I encourage others to reply with further suggestions, based on what I've started.

I must say: I'm hopeful that the REAPER dev's & OBS dev's (or dev?) continue to work together, and grow the compatibility between them. I'd also prefer that OBS dev's beat the REAPER dev's to the punch, and combine a DAW with the broadcasting software. I'll not mention #1 below, on the cockos forum, unless this seems like its not going to happen with OBS (I get it, its Open Source, and Hugh Bailey isn't even pulling in $1500/month, on his Patreon page).

**If my suggestions on key-combo's are not good for any reason (OS or whatever), then replace CTRL with Alt, Shift, or a combination of them.**

1) -- We should try to combine OBS and cockos REAPER, or make OBS handle audio like DAW app's do. The audio should be handled at the highest possible quality (I may be mistaken on this, but "ditherfloat from 32 bit vst processing, back to OBS 64 bit audio processing engine").
1.A) - We should be able to easily select an audio interface from the preferences.
1.B) - We should be able to route app's directly to virtual audio devices, via software such as SAR (Synchronous Audio Router), Jack Router, or Waves Soundgrid ASIO.
1.C) - ASIO4ALL and ASIO Bridge should work in tandem, if they don't already (Bridge, VB Cable, and Banana/Potato seem to work fine).
1.D) - VST Plugins should be handled at high quality, as in DAW's; and they should not cause crashes.
1.E) - REAPER should be able to use Rewire or Reroute, to go to OBS via ASIO devices (similarly to how it is able to do so, with other DAW apps). ***I am not familiar with Rewire or Reroute, so I may have misspoken, here.***
1.F) - The audio interface selected within OBS should be able to be different from the system's default device (ie, use ASIO4ALL driver, SAR, or JackRouter, while Realtek, or core audio, is the default device of the OS).
1.G) - JBridge should work in OBS, or there should be a built in bit-bridge (like there is in REAPER).
1.H) - Custom VST plugins folders should be assignable, within the preferences area.
1.I) - Audio tracks within the Mixer should be able to be armed for recording, so that the recorded production has the option to leave out audio channels that are being broadcasted in the live streaming (so, if none are armed for recording, then the recorded video would be with no sound).
1.J) - There should either be an option for having "AUX" tracks, or users should be able to create an audio track, and then select another audio track as the source input. This brings about tons of capabilities, such as "New York Compression," parallel EQ, Reverb/delay thickness, etc.
1.K) - Audio tracks should be able to be routed directly to VST plugins that are able to take a "side-chain input." This brings upon side-chain compression and side-chain static/dynamic EQ.
1.L) - VSTi hosting should be available.
1.LMAO) - This could go on forever, so I will stop here, unless I come up with other things that seem very important.

2) -- Filter Effects window should be more advanced.
2.A) - It should have a "bypass all" button. Additionally, right clicking a scene should yield the option to "bypass all filter effects."
2.B) - Having multiple filter windows open, for more than one source, should be available. ***The same should be true for multiple "properties" windows. Opening & closing them, very frequently, is a pain.
2.C) - Filter effects parameters should have the ability to be automated via LFO controls, envelope followers, gates, and MIDI controllers, or via step-sequences of pre-programed settings.
2.D) - There should be a script to create step-sequenced patterns of re-ordering the effects on any given source.
2.E) - Right clicking on a filter effect should offer an option to "move to top," or bottom.

3) -- We should have more Hotkey options and/or more built in key combo's that are built into the app.
3.A) - CTRL+I should go to "Interact," when one browser window is selected.
3.B) - CTRL+T should move to the first scene scene. CTRL+B should move back to the last scene.
3.C) - CTRL+P should go to preferences, when 1 source or group is selected.
3.D) - CTRL+R should rename.
3.E) - CTRL+U should "move up," and CTRL+D should "move down."
3.F***) - CTRL+P should go to "preferences," and "settings" should be now called "preferences." CTRL+S should go to "Profile Settings," and then the profiles settings should be a separate thing (see REAPER, project settings & preferences). Within preferences, there should be an option for "allow profile settings to over-ride preferences."

4) -- The browser function, "interact," should become more developed.
4.A) - Interact should be available for more than one window at a time.
4.B) - The window should be less buggy and have more function-ability (its hard to click on some things). CTRL + (down arrow or up arrow) should scroll up/down, on a webpage. CTRL+

5) -- Copying / Pasting filters, scenes, and sources, from one profile, to another should be an option (and from one scene collection, to another).

6) -- I am unsure if this is possible (doubting it), but I believe paid service offers the ability to change bitrate for given platform's requirements, so that Periscope can be 10 kpbs while others can be 25-45 kbps. It would be nice if this was some how built right into OBS, when users select Restream.

7) -- Groups within groups should be an option (such as within Ableton Live, for example).
**am also tempted to say that Scenes should be able to be grouped, so that they can have lowered Opacity & be displayed together... but I need to rethink how that would work, if at all**

8) -- Scenes should be able to be selected as active or inactive (such as sources are able to). Then, down arrow would skip inactive ones (up & down arrow should also skip inactive sources). Shift+up or down arrow would then NOT skip the inactive scenes/sources, so that users can easily get to them & alter them before they change them to being active.

9) -- We should be able to select multiple scenes (shift+click), and either right click & "duplicate," or right click & "copy," & "paste reference/duplicate." When selecting multiple scenes, the firstly selected scene should remain as the scene that is actively being displayed.

10) -- Edit -> Undo (and CTRL+Z)... should be an option, for just about everything. CTRL+Shift+Z should Redo.

11) -- Copying/Pasting sources should be developed to be more user friendly.
11.A) - Selecting multiple sources, right click, CTRL+C; and then either going to a different scene or staying within the same, and CTRL+P... should paste the multiple sources that were selected (instead of just pasting the one that was last clicked, when shift+click happened).
11.B) - When pasting a source, it should be pasted where ever the user has clicked. The location of the pasted item should be above the source they have clicked, rather than always being pasted at the top of the chain).

12) -- There should be a built in service, that is similar to, that is Open Source and built into OBS. If the restream team is offering significant patreonage towards the makers of OBS & the dev's of tools that go with OBS, then this should be scrapped.

And now... down to business:
Lucky #13, the largest Fibonacci number of my list) --- Users should have the ability to right click a scene, or source, and then select "exclusive for," to expand a list of each live stream broadcasting platform that is being streamed to; and then any scene or source could be "exclusively" only within the stream of one given platform (say, their twitch following is their highest ranked list of Patrons, or one platform can handle higher quality video/audio... then one service could be set apart from the others... and the broadcasters could say on their other channel pages "go to X platform for "this" exclusive material." Once a scene/source has been selected as going to one specific platform, then it should offer "replace with X source/scene," for the other platforms. Extra audio sources could be added, with high bitrate & high quality, for segments in which the broadcaster has chosen to do so.
Thus, (as an example... but probably a bad or slightly inappropriate one), the video could go straight to a secondary camera with a close up of their face... while they do a full-body shot with the main camera (strip tease) on a platform that they are getting paid on, for that exclusive material... so, the other platforms would see the full body shot, fully clothed, until they go into a private show for either one platform or one user/viewer.
This would give platforms a chance to stand out (beyond the others) offering higher quality video/audio, for high quality creative performances; and this content would be more desirable for viewers who use a computer, high speed internet, and HD TV screen, to view live streamed content. It would cause them to become more competitive, and to come up with features that cause the viewers to be more likely to chose their platform (for viewing); and those viewers would be likely to be more appreciative of the content, so they'd be more likely to sign up as a Patron or make a donation to the broadcasters.
Viewers whom are on the "non-exclusive material platforms," would then be inclined to move over to the one that has the exclusive material. The audiences would be more inclined to download/install apps, and sign up for streaming services, of which they are not familiar with (I've heard people on facebook and youtube ask "what is Twitch," when I explained that twitch has higher quality streaming audio that the others... but, then when they saw that they had to create an account, they didn't bother joining twitch). This would cause large numbers of viewers to use more than one platform, causing all of the platforms to grow (while simultaneously becoming more competitive); and it would also reduce the desire of certain platforms to force their most popular broadcasters to agree to only using their platform (exclusively), in exchange for monetary compensation. If I am not mistaken, "twitch affiliates" must agree to only use twitch, while broadcasting; and this is forcing a sort of "monopolization" of the audiences.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that I will be using OBS & learning it, to the best of my ability. I'll be starting a Patreon page, if I grow a following; and I'll try to stay active on this (and other) forums. If anybody likes my ideas enough to suggest that I open my Patreon, now (and if they can afford to send $1 per month), then I'll be much more likely to actively help with whatever I can & whatever takes my interest/attention. I'll post links to my streaming pages, if/when/where that is possible/allowed.


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Just found that there was an update that I passed up, by accident; and at least one of my suggestions was dealt with (unless I forgot to list it). The ability to copy/paste filters to/from scenes & sources.

I was also having issues, where a source was transformed & click the red dots was moving it into tiny squares (not sure what was going on, with that)... and my guess is that centering it horizontally will fix that.


When we click the + button, to add filter effects, we should be able to hold CTRL and select more than one effect (to add them all at once, in the order that we clicked them).

We should be able to select more than one audio signal or source, and then add fx to all of them, in one step.

Within an audio channel's filter effects window, we should be able to select more than one filter (and be able to right click, select delete... or press delete key). We should also be able to right click a selection of more than one of the effects, and right click, select bypass (or press one of the selected fx bypass button, to bypass the entire selection).

*Second edit below*
There should be the ability to go the the interact screen of a browser source, with the filter effects being turned off in the interacting window (but keeping them on, on the displayed window within the streamed video). I find myself needing to click a bunch of buttons, in order to press play on a streaming video within a browser window (of which I am using as a coloring background overlay). I need to bypass all of the effects, each time I open OBS, because I need to be able to click play on the streaming video, and switch it to full screen.
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