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I wanted to keep this as short as possible, but ehhh... whatever, I am theMuzzl3. Its either STFU or let it out.

~~~My goal:

To send multiple audio signals into DAW, from various applications, into DAW (as separate lines of audio); and to send the separated audio signal from DAW (and/or directly from the apps) into OBS.

Specifically, to send audio signals independently (from various apps), and to be able to record [in DAW] and/or add them as independent audio signals, to live the live stream [within OBS]...

- (while having the ability to use FX withinin the DAW, on each line, before sending the audio to live stream in OBS; and to be able to mix in each audio signal from each app, directly into OBS).

* Opera Browser (Chrome and Mozilla seemed too buggy), to the DAW & then from DAW to OBS
* Discord and/or Discord PTB
* Micropone
* System Audio (optionable)

** Also, I'd be able to send high quality audio from recordings within the DAW, to OBS, as a separate line.

*** I would love to be able to take audio from a scene or source [within OBS], and send it to REAPER (as its own separate audio line); and then send that back to OBS. However, I believe that OBS does not have capabilities like this (currently). Once OBS starts to behave like its own DAW, then this will work out perfectly. They really ought to work on integrating REAPER and OBS, so that its one program.

^^^^^ See notes at bottom ^^^^^

~~~My system:

* Single Computer: Windows 10, Home. ASUS G73JW.
* Logitech C922 Webcam microphone (plus C920 mic, if needed) ##### see Zoom H4N notes at bottom #####
* REAPER, OBS Studio, Opera Browser, Discord & Discord PTB
* No external soundcard (I've used a Behringer USB Hub with a 2nd computer, and things worked until the 2nd laptop died).
* ASIO4ALL free drivers, and/or Realtek High Definition Audio drivers)

~~~I've tried:

1) Virtual Audio Cable & VB Potato (bigger version of Banana)
2) Jack Audio Connection Kit (and Jack PortAudio)
3) SAR (Synchronous Audio Router)
4) Windows 10 -- App Volume & Device Preferences
5) Carla (in tandem with Jack)

I've tried using more than one of the aforementioned, in tandem. I've tried several different ways of setting each one up. I've spent the most amount of time trying to set up VB & Potato. I've gotten things to work, in several ways; but have not gotten it all set up and running in the ways that I want it to be.

VB seems complicated to me. I'd most likely have to chunk out the $10 for two more virtual cables (A & B); but if it works, then I'd use it. However, I'd need to keep it open at all times. Potato also takes up too much room on my screen and does not seem to be resize-able.

Carla looks nice but I couldn't seem to figure it out, within the time I spent trying to learn how to use it.

~~ I've not tried using REAPER rewire or reroute; and I have not tried Waves Soundgrid ASIO. If it can all be done within REAPER & its available resources, then that would be ideal ~~

The biggest issues that I've run into, in my live streaming sessions, is the frequent battle with the following issue:

If I need to change my DAW's sample rate, in order to match various source material (ie. a sample at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, etc), then I also need to change it on each of the following:
- Windows audio settings
- the DAW
- OBS.
--- If using Virtual Audio Cable and Potato, then I need to change it in the VB software, as well (for 5 playback devices and 5 recording devices, and thats with just one virtual audio cable... without the $10 Virtual Cable A & B).

Note: BOTH the Windows default device AND the DAW audio device need to be adjusted. The DAW audio device needs to be changed in BOTH the DAW AND in Windows settings (in some cases).

Therefore, I'd like to find some way to just have scripts that I can double click on, and have them open either CMD Prompt (or Jack Command, for me), and have it run through and change the sample rate for every thing in Windows, VB, and if possible in REAPER & OBS

[perhaps have different user "profiles" that it changes to, so that then each app opens with the necessary settings having already been changed; but to allow each user "profile" to still save to the same windows directories & have all other preferences settings remain unaltered from what they were most recently set to, on any of the "profiles"].

Jack is a little bit easier than VB, as I just drop this into the target field within (right click -> properties):

"-r 44100" or 48000, etc.

SAR also offers as many virtual "cables" as your CPU can handle.
SAR seems to work in tandem with Jack.

~For these reasons, I'd rather use SAR, than VB.

However, SAR requires the DAW to be open; and some times I would like to live stream (with the same settings), but have my DAW closed so that I can use the CPU power for something else (for example: 3DPaint, Mixed Reality, or Fractal Image generating software).

I'll also mention that I am sometimes taking audio from Opera browser, from other peoples' live stream; and sending it into REAPER, effecting it, and live streaming it (mixing in their clean signal, occasionally). I do realize that the audio then becomes quite degraded (since streaming audio is already degraded). Some live stream platforms have higher quality audio than others.

I have also used NINJAM, but I have not been able to set up NINJAM so that I can livestream the other players' audio (not quite yet, any how -- we did set that up with 2 audio interfaces, for Pixelgasm in Vegas & Berlin... but the signal from Berlin was not added to our live stream... it was, however, recorded and broadcasted at a later time, on the FM radio of Berlin).

mentionable: I've tried using Zoom H4N Handy Recorder, in the mode to stream audio to the computer (but it seems they have not kept up on drivers for it, or I need to use the H4N Pro drivers perhaps). I could get it working as a mic, but for some reason REAPER & OBS would not receive it (probably the audio device settings need to be tinkered with in the DAW).

Links to other forums (mods, forgive me if this is not allowed):
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Have you tried the OBS ASIO plugin? To get audio per-app you'd definitely need something like VAC but with a lot of cables (one per app).
Oh, I now recall:

I believe that I heard that it induces latency and doesn't work at as high of a quality as the other options. I believe that SAR was said to work at the highest quality, with the least amount of latency, and that it works best for DAW related things.


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Oh, I now recall:

I believe that I heard that it induces latency and doesn't work at as high of a quality as the other options. I believe that SAR was said to work at the highest quality, with the least amount of latency, and that it works best for DAW related things.
ASIO is considered very low latency. I've personally never heard SAR mentioned in any of the OBS support channels.