audio capture

  1. SeekerWM

    OBS has stopped using the audio capture in one Windows account

    Hi Windows 10 and OBS has stopped responding to the sound from a Focusrite unit on one Windows user account. However, if I create a new user account on the laptop and run OBS it works with the Focusrite as expected. I am currently using OBS 29.1.2. however version 29.1.3 was also failing to...
  2. S

    capture audio from a single application stops working after application-restart

    First I was happy to read that finally, the Mac-Version of OBS is able to capture desktop audio and even audio of a single application without additional software (as you can read here: Unfortunatley there seems to be a bug (or I am...
  3. T

    Best way to capture desktop audio in OBS on a Mac with Big Sur in 2022

    Hi! Coming from OBS on windows it was a bit of a letdown to find that OBS on mac cannot capture desktop audio when I want to do screen recordings. IfI understand correctly a third party program is needed. Found some links to some softwares but I am not sure which work with my setup which is a...
  4. S

    Mirabox 4K usb3.0 HSV3218

    Hi there, I have a problem with my mirabox and the audio. So I have it connected to my PS4 and the issue I have is keeping a mic connected to my controller of the ps4 while still having my headset connected to the mirabox audio inputs. the ps4 won't recognize my headset connected to the mirabox...
  5. C

    Capturing Audio from DAW

    Hello, I'm getting a nice Profile set up for Streaming and Recording Tutorials. I'm trying to capture the audio output from my DAW (StudioOne) vai my audio interface: PreSonus Studio 192. I set up a scene specific to just this function, to use as a source. I used the Audio Output Capture...
  6. D

    BMD Mini Recorder Audio Not Recording - No Audio Signals in Mixer Bar

    Hi, I'm using my black magic mini recorder connected to my canon to live stream. I have previously used it and it's worked just fine. I just updated the OBS software. The video looks great, but the audio isn't working. The audio signal isn't even reading, the bars aren't moving at all. I've...
  7. K

    Audio Monitoring doesn't work at all.

    Hi all, I've been tearing my hair out with this issue. I understand you must get a lot of requests for help on this forum but I've been through google for a week now researching a fix and I can't find anything. I'll explain what's going on... I'm trying to get the notification sounds from my...
  8. C

    OBS Microphone Latency

    Hi! I'm trying to get set up with OBS but I'm having any troubles with my microphone audio gradually beginning to lag. I've been finding out that after about 30 seconds my microphone will gradually start to go out of sync with what I say. I've been monitoring this by having my Mic Audio set to...
  9. D

    Capture card audio getting cut off midway in streams so does in the recording

    Please help me, when I stream certain games, the capture card audio getting cut off midway in middle of the stream, also sometimes my mic audio too, even though when I streamed that time it detects my mic and all
  10. D

    Mic audio echoing and robotic sound.. Help pls!

    Alright so I'm new to OBS and just trying to get the basics for my stream up and running on twitch. Im working with a Macbook Pro, an Elgato HD60S+, Xbox One S and a Blue Snowball usb mic. The good news is I have the most important thing the gameplay coming through but there is no audio. But I'm...
  11. B

    Audio capture through EOS Utility

    I'm having no problem capturing video with my T7i using EOS Utility. But is there any way I can capture audio through it? I have a Rode shotgun that works great with the camera, but can I send that audio to OBS?
  12. M

    Audio Help

    for some reason when i have it on the Aggregate device it sounds deep and distorted when i have OBS open. i don’t know if it’s a problem with OBS or not but when it’s not open the audio sounds fine. i use ishowu capture and i fixed it before but now it’s back to being distorted. any help?
  13. KOALLA

    Capture last seconds of an audio in a recording in progress

    Hello people. All right? I was looking for a plugin that would capture and convert to an audio file the last seconds of an ongoing recording in OBS Studio via a shortcut. Can anyone tell me if this already exists?
  14. D

    Total beginner Multi-Cam Livestream

    Hello All, I am doing research on how to effectively and efficiently begin hosting multi-cam stream live music events from a venue in Nashville. Everyone on our team here would be considered total beginners with any type of streaming hard/software other than the occasional FB Live streams that...
  15. S

    Question / Help Robotic Sounding Voice

    Hi guys. I've been recording videos and apparently, everytime it records me sounding like a robot. The solution for this is to unplug and replug in the mic. However, I'd like to solve the cause of the problem. I'm using a Samsong Q2u mic on Windows 10 and am using the latest version of OBS...
  16. M

    Question / Help Unable to capture audio from capture card

    Hello, I have a Plugable Nix Capture Card, which works multiplatform (Windows, Mac, *nix). I have been able to configure everything on my Windows partition perfectly, but with Linux (Mint 19.3), I have been unable to capture audio at all with the device. Not sure what I should be doing, I've...
  17. realyunggranny

    Question / Help Failed to get initialize audio client: 887C001E

    Hello, i cant get my desktop audio to capture. Exclusive audio is off and ive run in admin mode to no avail. Ive tried updating obs (was also happening in the last build) and as far as im aware windows is updated to the most recent version, also ive recently reinstalled windows and thats when i...
  18. T

    Question / Help No Audio While Streaming

    I have all audio capture sources setup correctly and exactly as I do in Streamlabs. I can see all sources correctly activate and work in the mixer but when I stream, There is no audio to be heard on stream. I will include pictures as well as a log file to show my settings. I use Voice meter to...
  19. M

    Question / Help Audio capture only hearing two channels from Scarlett

    I have a Scarlett 18i8 as my audio source, and OBS picks up audio from inputs one and two, but not from three and four. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  20. T

    Question / Help Can't get OBS to recognise Line-In Sound

    Hi, I've just started using OBS. I have no problem getting it to recognise and stream/record browser windows, programs etc. However, I cannot get it to pick up the sound from Line-In (either front or back input) - whether my coming through my mic or an external audio source (both of which are...