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I have a Plugable Nix Capture Card, which works multiplatform (Windows, Mac, *nix). I have been able to configure everything on my Windows partition perfectly, but with Linux (Mint 19.3), I have been unable to capture audio at all with the device. Not sure what I should be doing, I've been able to capture audio for every other device on my layout, but this one.

It's really the only thing that's keeping me from doing all streams on Linux (I've only been doing development streams on Linux, and having to switch to Windows for gaming streams).


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OBS can use jack as an input source so it shouldn't actually be a problem.

I have my capture card running with zita bridges (alsa2jack / jack2alsa) and connect them visually using the Catia canvas (see picture). Every time I start I use non-session-manager to get up and running fast.

zita-a2j -d hw:0,0 -c 2 -j FancyName

in my case FancyName == TT-L === TurnTable Left


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Figured out this issue to reach another issue.

Issue was I didn't see there was a difference between Alsa and PulseAudio sources, and selected PulseAudio for it to work, but not fine.

Now I'm dealing with gradual desync of the audio, with the audio being far behind the video. Not sure how to fix this in Linux.